TikTok's Viral Eyebrow Filter Has People Completely Changing Their Look

We tend to put our eyebrows through a lot, whether it's over-tweezing, over-filling, or testing out every product under the sun to make them perfect. Many of us can recall a time when we stood in front of the bathroom mirror, tweezers in hand, and plucked away. Then, all of a sudden ... Aaah! You took off too much hair! It happens, and it's okay. Hair grows back, after all. In these moments, you might turn to TikTok for beauty tips and hacks, and there's been one viral eyebrow filter in particular that's been helping people get the brows they desire. 


This filter, simply called "eyebrows" on TikTok, was created by an augmented reality designer named Grace Choi. She has created several beauty filters on TikTok, with this being her most popular. The eyebrows filter is designed to give you the perfect eyebrow shape based on your face shape by taking into account the unique symmetry of your face. Getting your brows right can bring out the gorgeous structure of your face, and this filter might help you feel more confident when using those tweezers and pencils. 

How it works

As Grace Choi mentions in her video demonstration, she was inspired by an eyebrow mapping technique known as the "golden ratio." This technique was developed by Anastasia Soare, the face behind Anastasia Beverly Hills, and it's used by many experts in the beauty world. The golden ratio maps out your eyebrows in thirds, naturally lining them up to certain points of your face. This ensures symmetry and proportion. According to this technique, the beginning of your brows should line up with the center of each nostril. Your arch aligns with your outer nostril, and the ends of your brows line up with the outer corner of your eye.


Grace's filter shows you lines that you can use as a guide to filling in or plucking your brows. There are three points, one at the beginning, arch, and end of each brow to show you your natural brow shape that is proportional to your face. If your brow hair isn't growing at certain points, you can use the filter as a visual guide to filling them in with your favorite products. 

Using the filter

Once you have your virtual eyebrow guide on TikTok, use an eyebrow pencil to mark the dots and lines around your brows. Then, depending on what you need, you can tweeze and fill in accordingly. When using the filter, it's important to keep your head straight and look forward so that it can map out your brows correctly. If you turn your head or move around a lot, this might skew the lines and not give you an accurate mapping of your brows.


Just because this filter is trending and helping a lot of people, it's certainly not the only way to get the brows you want. If you already love how your brows look, don't let this filter tell you what you "should" be doing. You can do whatever you feel is right for you. And of course, technology can't replace the expertise of your eyebrow waxer or threader, but it can be a tremendous help when you're perfecting your brows at home. This face-altering filter has received positive reception, and it doesn't change your appearance or promote unrealistic beauty standards. It simply offers a guide to help you fill in or tweak your eyebrows, if you feel the need to.