The 3 Types Of Cancer Sun And The Differences Between Them

Have you ever noticed that you seem to get along fine with Cancerians who were born in June, but those born in July feel a little hit or miss — or maybe it's vice versa? This isn't something you're just imagining; there are three distinct types of Cancer sun sign. In fact, there are three different types of every sun sign. Each zodiac sign is divided into three segments based on the exact degree of the sun's placement within the sign at the moment of your birth. These segments are known as decans, and your decan can have a big influence on the expression of your personality within a sun sign.


If you know someone who was born under the zodiac sign of Cancer, understanding the differences between the three types of Cancer suns based on their decans can give you a valuable new perspective that simply reading up on the generalized traits of the sign can't. Join us on a deep dive into the three types of Cancer sun sign personalities you just might meet, love, or be.

The fierce loyalist

If you've ever read a viral angry social media rant in defense of a child who was allegedly bullied or unjustly disciplined — of course, labeled with the hashtag #mamabear — you may have encountered a first decan Cancerian. These Cancer natives — born between June 21 and July 1 — might have been born under a water sign, but they are as feisty as it gets. Loyalty is the name of their moon-ruled game, and they will fight until the bitter end to defend someone they love.


Unfortunately, the compulsive nature and intense loyalty these Cancerians embody don't often stop to listen to facts or reason. As a result, they can become rather illogical in their defensive arguments. They may also find themselves defending a person (or even a brand) in the face of undeniable proof of wrongdoing, tarnishing their own reputation in the process. Their loyalty comes from a place of pure emotion that doesn't always consider the eventual consequences of their actions. 

The quiet brooder

Cancer is known for being a sensitive, nurturing, maternal water sign. While these traits are generally accurate, they don't preclude all Cancer natives from living a little on the dark side. Second decan Cancerians, born from July 1 to July 11, have a sub-ruling planet of Pluto — a planet strongly associated with transformations in the form of death, illness, and destruction. Second decan Cancer natives carry this heavy weight of somber wisdom on their shoulders. As a result, they tend to manifest in the world as more brooding, sulky, or "emo" than others who share their sun sign.


The tormented poet with the black wardrobe, the ever-serious climate change documentarian, and the social worker who can't help but bring their work with them are all likely to be discovered as second decan Cancerians. They love deeply and sometimes tragically, and they share the fierce loyalty of first decan Cancer sun natives. However, their inherent wisdom of the ways of the world prevents them from becoming impervious to logic.

The emotional extremist

The type of Cancerian most likely to struggle to get along with the rest of the zodiac is one from the third decan, born from July 12 to July 22. These crabby Cancer natives are sub-ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams, psychic visions, and illusions. These folks can be deeply affected by the thoughts and feelings of people around them and absorb nearby energies like a sponge, many times mistaking the emotion they're reflecting back as their own.


Third decan Cancer suns who aren't aware of their inherent empathic abilities may exhibit rather severe and unpredictable mood swings. Until these Cancerians understand the importance of identifying which emotions are their own and which have been absorbed from their surroundings, they will continue to embody them all — which can make them a deeply understanding, caring person but also occasionally a challenge to be around or rely upon. Adopting a grounding practice such as meditation or journaling is of key importance for this type of Cancerian.