Why You Can't Smell Your Own Perfume As Well As Others Can & How To Fix It

Spritzing on a good perfume is almost as important as putting together your outfit. Although it's easy to find a signature fragrance you love and want to wear every day, perfume scents are seldom smelled by the person actually wearing them, making it hard to know how your perfume actually mixes with your natural scent. It's also worth noting that even if two people wear the same perfume, it will come off differently depending on the person.


Turns out, there are several reasons why you can't always smell your own perfume while wearing it, but it mostly comes down to how your nose picks up the scent. Even long-lasting scents can't put up a fight against the natural abilities of your nose. Your favorite scent probably lasts longer than you think, but if you're tired of not being able to pick up and enjoy the scent of your pricey perfume, the reason why it happens and how you can fix it may surprise you.

Why can't you smell your perfume?

The reason why you can't smell your perfume is simply because your nose doesn't find it exciting anymore. This action called nose blindness explains how your nose can become so accustomed to a scent that it no longer picks it up. Nose blindness can also occur with scents found in your car or at home. Science ABC explains that your nose has other priorities than picking up the same scent. Humans need to be able to pick up and decipher new and unusual scents to survive and detect possible danger.


Although the concept of nose blindness makes sense, there are other reasons why it seems like your fragrance has vanished. If you've found that your scent is no longer detectable to you and others, the scent has likely already evaporated and your body's acidic levels could be the reason why, according to Somethin' Special. Long-lasting perfumes pose no challenge to your acidic levels, as it's something that your body naturally produces. Thankfully, there are ways you can ensure that everyone, including you, can enjoy the beauty behind your signature scent.

How to smell your perfume again

There are various ways to prevent your nose from becoming accustomed to one particular scent, but the best way is by rotating your fragrances. Although we would all love to have a scent we are known for at all times, it comes at a price. The more you use the same fragrance day after day, the less your nose will be able to pick up the notes. If you're a fan of a particular note or scent, try using different brands or perfumes of the same kind. While they may all revolve around the same note, they use different ingredients, which give your nose some newness to pick up.


Another way you can avoid nose blindness is by not spraying your favorite scent near your nose. The closer to your nose you spray, the more nose fatigue you will face throughout the day. If you're used to spraying your perfume around your neck, the proximity to your nose will tire it out quickly, meaning you will lose the sense of smell of your perfume. Spray the fragrance in areas away from your nose like your wrists, the back of your knees, or even your ankles. If you're keen on using one specific fragrance every day, try layering your fragrances for a unique twist.