Your Second House In Astrology Is All About Ownership And Possessions

The concept of the 12 astrological houses is what hooks many people who were once casual horoscope readers and turns them into full-fledged natal astrology hobbyists. Each house corresponds to the energy of one of the 12 zodiac signs, but they are not synonymous with the actual zodiac wheel. The houses are based on the earth's 24-hour rotation cycle, while the zodiac wheel is representative of the sun's annual rotation cycle. The two of them transposed is what makes up a person's astrological birth chart.


Each house on your birth chart represents a particular aspect of your life. The second house is associated with Taurus energy and rules material belongings, financial security, and possessions of a non-tangible nature — your emotions. Not everyone will find planetary placements in their second house, but there is no need to worry if yours is empty. An empty house is not a bad omen or a deficit. If there are placements, however, the information they can reveal is essential to understanding yourself. Let's dive in and learn all about the second house in astrology.

Material possessions

The second house is the home of what you value in a material sense. This doesn't only encompass the possessions you want or like, but it also extends to what you believe is important or significant. Debt, for example, can have a major impact on your life, so it is likely something you financially value without necessarily enjoying it. Your ability to create an income as well as your specific debts, investments, personal possessions, and opinions surrounding money and materialism are all ruled by the second house.


The natal planets residing in your second house allow you to put these themes into context for your life. If you have Saturn in your second house, for instance, you are likely to take matters of finances and material success so seriously it may develop into real anxiety at times. It is not uncommon for natives of Saturn in the second house to experience intense fear of poverty. Those with Aries in the second house, in comparison, will go through life with boundless passion-seeking energy that somehow just happens to bring material prosperity along with it. 

Emotional ownership

In this life, you carry with you more than just your material possessions. Your emotions can affect the lens through which you view every experience you have and every person you meet. Planetary placements in the second house can also affect how you value yourself as a person. In many cases, the emotional baggage you carry and your level of self-worth correlate with your ability to succeed in the pursuit of financial and material security, bringing the themes of the second house full circle.


For example, if your natal chart reveals the highly emotional moon in your second house, you may struggle with feeling extremely attached to your material possessions. You might associate your own worth with the number of belongings you can buy or feel an actual emotional bond with the objects you own. For some, this can lead to the life of a collector or curator who turns their love of specific items into a successful business or hobby. For others, destructive hoarding behavior can emerge. It all depends on your ability to process your emotions and set healthy boundaries. Before you make your next major purchase, find out what's in your second house.