Fisherman Sandals Are The Versatile Summer Shoe You Need In Your Closet

When you think of chic retro fashion trends, fisherman sandals are probably not the highest on the list. Besides retro sneakers, these sandals are some of the most iconic footwear to come from the '90s. Not only are fisherman sandals a hallmark of the era, but they're practical for all your summer activities.

Typically, fisherman sandals have been relegated to comfortable kids' shoes because they let the feet breathe while still protecting their little toes. However, adults are taking back their sandals for a chic and practical solution for the hot weather that comes with the summer season. Like the dad sneaker, many are divided on this sandal. Although they might be practical, they aren't always the thinnest or most fashionable sandals to choose from.

Thankfully, newer microtrends have given this footwear life once more to help get us through the summer season comfortably. The trick with styling the fisherman sandal is to incorporate it naturally into your wardrobe. Like any trendy piece, you want to avoid making it too obvious or having it overwhelm your look. Choose a style and design that you can easily see yourself wearing all season long. Many fisherman sandals are in neutral tones, making them easy to pair with anything in your closet. Simply enjoy your nostalgic footwear and have fun styling them with all of your cool summer outfits.

Make it formal

You can't deny that the fisherman sandal isn't the most elegant or sophisticated footwear in your closet. However, you can always change the perspective by pairing it with more elevated pieces. Business casual has recently become one of the hottest trends, making it the perfect style to wear with your fisherman sandals. Even if it may seem odd at first, trousers and fisherman sandals are a match that needs to be explored in the summer season.

Tie them together with a monochromatic outfit

One way you can style difficult pieces is by going with a monochrome look. Wearing a monochrome outfit is chic but also gives you an extra dose of elegance and modernness. Even your fisherman sandals can look intentional and sophisticated when paired with similar colors. Stick with summer blacks or whites for the ultimate cool-girl outfit.

Pair them with denim

Many are wary about wearing denim with heavy sandals. Even though it's straight from the '90s, denim and fisherman sandals are staples for comfort and style. Pair your sandals with a denim jumpsuit, a head-to-toe denim outfit, or your favorite pair of denim jeans. This quintessential retro look is going to ensure you look fantastic all season long without the blisters or stubbed toes.

Simplify your look

Where many seem to go wrong with their styling is overcomplicating it. Fisherman sandals are meant to be worn to help make your day-to-day more comfortable with a touch of retro. Add your fisherman sandals to your casual summer outfits instead of your regular sandals. Not only will this make you more comfortable wearing them, but it will seem more natural to you. Even if you aren't used to the shoe, wearing it among your favorite items will have them raising the ranks until it becomes your new favorite sandal.

Elevate a neutral outfit

A neutral color palette is a secret way to style almost anything. Because neutrals style easily with each other, it's an easy way to pull off those challenging pieces. Opt for fisherman sandals in classic brown or black leather for a shoe that can be worn with almost any outfit. Finish your look with other neutral clothing pieces, leaving the pops of color for your sunglasses or bag. Not only will this help style your sandals, but it will keep you cool and fresh all summer.

Cottagecore looks

With the summer season comes the rise of cottagecore once again. Every year, this microtrend infiltrates the fashion industry to give us some of the most bohemian and airy looks of the season. Bring the cottagecore vibes to your fisherman sandals by pairing them with classic nap or midi dresses. Even if you don't rock cottagecore all year long, the summer season is the perfect time to embrace all things quaint and romantic.

Match them with other items

When styling your items, you want to remember the idea of balance. Besides balancing oversized and form-fitting items, you want to balance your colors. Matching the color of your accessories makes it easier to style your items, knowing they will flow together. Match your fisherman sandals to your belt or purse to balance the top and bottom of your outfit. This easy trick will ensure you always have a cohesive summer look.