Leather Is Trending For The Summer - How To Wear It Without Overheating

Typically, we stick to thin, flowing fabrics such as cotton and linen in the summertime. This season, we are thinking outside the box and finding ways to wear traditional winter fabrics, such as leather, without overheating. Leather is a staple material that never goes out of style, so it is only fair that we should be able to style it year-round. It is all about strategy when it comes to wearing leather on those warm summer days.

In winter, we see leather in jackets and pants mostly. We should switch things up during the summer, taking traditional summer favorites and wearing them in leather fabrications. Instead of pairing these leather items with other heavy fabrics as you would to stay warm in the winter, balance them out with lightweight, breezy pieces. We have curated six ways to add leather to your wardrobe this summer season that will leave you looking hot but feeling cool.

Leather miniskirts

You can never go wrong with a leather miniskirt on a hot summer night out. The key to styling leather bottoms in the summer and not overheating is ensuring lots of skin is still exposed, which is what makes a leather skirt so perfect. YouTube influencer @melissajorealrecipies shows us how it is done as she styles a basic tank top with her leather miniskirt for the ultimate minimalist-chic look.

Leather tank tops

Leather tank tops are great for day or night, depending on the cut. Since the arms are exposed, it will leave you much more comfortable than other leather options. In an Allure interview with five women from all walks of life about how they style a black leather top, 24-year-old DJ Chelsea Leyland says that she loves acting like the black leather tank is a wardrobe basic, as it "makes styling it easy."

Leather shorts

Leather shorts are one summer item that has sprung to popularity over the past several years, mainly due to the option of them having a paper bag-style waist. With the elasticity of the waist, they are just as comfortable as they are cool. These are great for styling with any basic tank or t-shirt in your wardrobe.

Coordinating sets

Coordinating sets are always a good idea: two separate outfits when styled apart — one amazing combination when styled together. When it comes to a coordinating leather set in summer, the less fabric, the better the look. Instagram influencer @wherethesophwonders shows her take on the trend when she styles a tiny pink leather tank top with coordinating ripped pink leather pants.

Colorful leather

Add a pop to your summer leather looks with colorful alternatives to traditional black. If colorful looks are on-brand for your style, black leather isn't the only option. Instead, go for a new color. Pastel leather is a fun alternative, as it mixes the grunge of leather with the softness of pastel colors.

Leather summer dress

Summer sundresses don't have to be cotton. If you love grunge style, you will be happy to know that leather sundresses are a fashion-forward option this summer. Instagram fashion blogger @shamekaealry jokes about wearing "just a hint of leather" in her breezy summer leather dress, complete with a black leather handbag and sandals.