Aperol Orange Nails: The Summery Manicure Trend That Matches Your Cocktail

It's spritz season! Time to sit poolside and soak up some rays with a refreshing, bubbly Aperol spritz in your hand. If you've never had this delicious beverage before, Aperol is the Italian liqueur that gives the drink its vibrant orange hue, along with the Prosecco and soda water (yum!). But before you try it, why not have a manicure to match it perfectly?

Along with bright greens, yellows, and pinks, neon orange is a star contender in this year's summer nail color trends, and lots of people on TikTok and Instagram are getting their nail inspiration from the popular, citrusy cocktail. We love pastels and minimalist nail looks, but this summer is bringing in vibrant, maximalist colors for you to show off at summer parties, concerts, and beach outings. Here are some of our favorite orange nail looks that are sure to energize your fingertips wherever you may go.

Neon orange tips

Neon French nails are a huge hit these days, keeping the sophistication and elegance of a French tip while adding a splash of bright color for the summer. You can keep it basic with one color or add some complementary hues to the orange for a multicolored neon tip manicure.

A dual-toned look

When you pair neon orange with a lighter, more muted shade of orange, you'll get a stunning contrast that captures the feeling of summer. Create different shapes like the hourglass look above, or split the color down the middle. A two-toned look is also perfect if you want to go for the checkerboard trend

Glitter and glam

Need some shimmer and shine for your manicure? Glitter is perfect for a playful party look that will have your nails sparkling in the sun. If you like doing your nails at home, you can make glitter manicures easy by using a damp Q-tip to dot the glitter onto your nail, after applying a base coat and letting it dry. 

The graphic look

If you don't want every nail completely covered in a solid orange color, you can space out the look by leaving a couple nails clear and adding some fun graphics. Experiment with any of your favorite designs, whether it's zebra stripes, dots, squiggles, letters, or straight lines.

Get creative with nail art

If you really want to show your love for Aperol spritz drinks, it's fun to wear some nail art inspired by the cocktail itself. Channel your inner artist and give each nail a different element of the drink, like orange slices and even the Aperol logo.