The Fit-And-Flare Minidress Trend Gives The Retro Silhouette A Modern Twist

We already see countless trendy people effortlessly styling minidresses for everyday wear in 2023, as adorable short dresses are everywhere this year, and they're likely only getting even trendier as the weather continues to heat up. From wearing the seductive slip dress style to nail the '90s minimalistic aesthetic to embracing dangerously short curve-hugging bodycon dresses for all the Y2K vibes, retro styles are everywhere. One of these retro looks is the fit-and-flare, also known as the A-line dress, the dress shape that looks good on everyone.

When you first hear "fit-and-flare," you might think of wedding dresses, as this is a flattering fit and a beloved choice for brides — but you don't have to be a bride to rock the style! Fit-and-flare silhouettes are mini-dress options in today's society and are super cute. For instance, TikToker @sabrinaechow, who provides fashion content for petite frames, posted a video flaunting a stunning black minidress with a fit-and-flare silhouette. Forget about wedding dresses — this A-line shape is perfect for short dresses, a.k.a. the minidress.

Light hues are perfect for warm weather

While a black fit-and-flare minidress commands the room with its sleek, sexy energy, light colors are arguably more practical for spring and summer weather, which is when most people typically wear minidresses. If you plan to flaunt a fit-and-flare minidress outside on a sunny summer day, you'll probably be most comfortable in a garment with light hues to prevent getting too hot under the sun — plus, you'll look super cute and wholesome.

Take the shape further with a belt

Fit-and-flare dresses already provide flattering silhouettes without help from accessories, making them easy to style for various settings. But, if you want to draw even more attention to your figure, add a belt for a more structured look that places emphasis on your body's curves. Add a statement belt for a bold appearance or a slim neutral option for a subtle enhancement.

Go bold with pattern

Why not rock your favorite patterns in these playful dresses? Minidresses naturally appear fun and flirty — especially with the flattering fit-and-flare shape — so kick the playful factor up a notch by rocking a pattern you love. Some options to look for include florals, animal prints, polka dots, and stripes.

Think beyond basic monochromatic

There's no rule proclaiming every minidress has to be monochromatic. Yes, monochromatic colors and patterns always look great, but don't be afraid to rock a garment that offers more contrast, drawing attention to the A-line silhouette. For instance, a fit-and-flare minidress that features a solid hue on top and a pattern at the bottom emphasizes the shape for a structured, beautiful look you'll love to wear.