Perfect Slip Dress Styles To Nail The '90s Minimalist Aesthetic

When most people hear about '90s fashion, they probably instantly think of one word: grunge. After all, the '90s were famous for those edgy, distressed, and intentionally unpolished looks. And now, grunge outfits are back, daring to replace the prim and proper, ultra-healthy "clean girl" aesthetic. If you're obsessed with all things grunge, go ahead and listen to Nirvana on repeat and break out your most oversized flannels and ripped jeans — people will think you're trendy for showing off your grunge side. But some people forget that '90s fashion isn't just about getting grungy. If grunge isn't your vibe, the chic minimalist aesthetic is another resurfacing '90s trend that you might want to explore instead.

Since '90s minimalism is making a comeback, 2023 is an excellent time to wear simple denim jeans and basic T-shirts or tank tops for effortlessly trendy outfits. Slip dresses are also ideal for rocking a sexier, girlier spin on the minimalistic '90s look. These delicate garments are back in style, and they're very versatile.

Dainty pastel pieces

A delicate pastel slip dress is perfect for anyone who wants to rock the coquette fashion trend all over TikTok, as these garments present a soft, dainty appearance. Ultra-light pink, blue, yellow, or purple slip dresses will appear right on the line between cutesy and sexy, so wear them with intense makeup for a sultrier look or apply some glassy lip gloss with doe eyes for a sweeter, more playful vibe.

Go for a super sexy option

Slip dresses typically have an instant sexiness about them, thanks to their lingerie-like designs. So, why not lean into that seductiveness by flaunting a sheer or low-cut piece with some provocative cutouts? Such a flattering dress will be great for romantic and passionate date nights — or exciting hookups in the bedroom.

Rock a bright look

Yes, slip dresses fit under the minimalist category, but that doesn't mean they have to be understated. For a louder spin on the classic style, opt for a slip dress in a bright hue, and you'll be sure to make a daring fashion statement anywhere you wear the garment. For instance, a neon orange slip dress will be anything but boring.

Flaunt a fun pattern

Anyone looking for a slip dress with some personality should look into options with patterns. If you like wearing clothes with patterns more than garments with solid hues, explore various print options until you find one you genuinely enjoy, whether you prefer a slip dress with a floral design, animal print, or polka dots — or one of each.

Try something shiny

Do you appreciate the flattering, delicate slip dress design but love shiny, head-turning pieces? Why not get the best of both worlds with a shimmery slip dress? A shiny slip dress will be perfect for exciting nights of partying with friends, as you'll be presenting a beautiful and trendy blend of daintiness and bold glamor.

Show off a long look

If you're going for a more elegant vibe, you should invest in a slip dress with a longer length instead of just a flirty mini-dress style. A slip dress that goes to your ankles will exude classy energy, making it an appropriate choice for sophisticated settings and events. If you want a sleek yet sexy look, opt for a maxi slip dress with a slit to show off some leg.