How To Rock The '90s Minimalism Look That's Making A Comeback

'90s fashion often brings up mixed feelings. While some of the looks were questionable, the '90s also brought us some of the most popular model-off-duty looks of today. The nostalgic look of '90s minimalism is making a comeback as modern model off-duty outfits, with some of the biggest stars of today recreating looks of years past. Even Cindy Crawford's daughter, Kaia Gerber, can be seen rocking outfits that resemble her mom's '90s fashion looks on Instagram.

'90s minimalism combines vintage styles we love with classic cuts, clean lines, and neutral color palettes. A clean refresh to what has been years of vibrant Y2K colors in our wardrobe. The look is not only trendy but also great for those looking to create a capsule wardrobe in the upcoming year, as basics are key to the look. There is an outfit for every occasion in the '90s minimalism trend, from the streets to the gym. If you are looking to achieve the forever trendy '90s minimalist look, look no further! We have curated eight ways to rock the trend.

The blazer and jeans look

Thanks to Instagram influencer and business owner Matilda Djerf, big blazers and denim are back. The style was first rocked by some of our favorite '90s it-girls, such as Julia Roberts and Winona Ryder, now, the style is rocked by today's it-girls like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. To get the look for yourself, simply pair your favorite baggy jeans with a white cropped tee and throw on an oversized neutral blazer. For shoes, try a pair of retro sneakers. These minimal pieces will come together to create one of the most common looks of the '90s.

Oversized button-downs in and out of the office

Oversized button-downs were common in and out of the office during the 1990s. Chic and versatile, the oversized white button-down was essential in the '90s wardrobe and was seen on the likes of Tina Turner and Sarah Jessica Parker. The button-down was often styled tucked in with either denim or high-rise trousers. This minimalist wardrobe essential is still the perfect way to bring '90s minimalism into your wardrobe. Instagram minimalist fashion star @lillyandgrant shows us the perfect example of making '90s minimalism modern as she pairs black high-rise trousers with a tucked-in white button-down and mules.

The pantsuit

Pantsuits were a staple of the '90s wardrobe. A whole outfit put together in one package, the pantsuit is a monochrome minimalist's dream. Pantsuits were nothing new to the fashion scene in the '90s but were being worn in a whole new and more casual way. No longer only for the office, we saw pantsuits on the red carpet and on the streets. Today, fashion influencers are recreating the '90s minimalism look with a few modern twists. YouTube fashion creator Nykaa Fashion shows that the pantsuit can be styled in a variety of easy-going ways, such as with a silk button-down, a t-shirt, or even a bralette.

The slip dress

Nothing represents '90s fashion more than the iconic slip dress. The slip dress was worn during multiple of the hottest '90s fashion shows, including Prada, Calvin Klein, and Michael Kors, eventually leading to the blow-up of the lingerie as outerwear trend that we still see today. The slip dress was eventually seen on '90s it-girls such as Kate Moss and Naomi Campell, leading many other women to hop aboard the trend. Today, women still love the trend. Fashion stylist and personal shopper Gabriella Drake shows off her favorite slip dress outfit on Instagram, where she pairs a lacy neutral slip over a black mock neck. She accessories with layered necklaces and knee-high black boots.

The staple white tank

White tanks are a staple in any modern closet, but in the '90s, they were a fashion piece. Worn by some of the hottest celebrities at the time, such as Cindy Crawford and Jennifer Aniston, it was a goal of every woman to find the ultimate white tank. This minimalist piece was often styled with other basics, such as jeans or neutral trousers. Today, modern celebrities are also loving the '90s minimalist look of the white tank. White tanks seem to be a favorite of model Kendall Jenner as she is seen wearing the piece multiple times throughout her Instagram feed.

The classic '90s overalls

Denim is a neutral staple in our book, and no denim look is more '90s than baggy overalls. Overalls are an almost complete outfit in one piece. While overalls are assumed as a less fashionable piece, they are easy to make fashion-forward when paired with the right accessories. No one showed us this more than when Rachel Green in "Friends" wore a lightweight navy jacket, striped shirt, and retro sneakers with her shortalls. In the modern day, we see women like Nadine Whitlock on Instagram styling baggy overalls with other '90s basics like the black turtleneck.

The Princess Diana look

Princess Diana gave us one of the '90s most sought-after athleisure looks — biker shorts with an oversized sweatshirt. Where Princess Diana's look itself involved color, the look has consistently been recreated numerous times as a minimal masterpiece. The biker shorts are often black, with the sweatshirt sometimes being swapped out with the classic '90s oversized button-down. YouTube fashion creator Tiffany Grace highlights both of these looks, along with other top alternatives such as the crop top, zip-up hoodie, and leather blazer, in a video teaching viewers how to style their black biker shorts.

Sheer black tights with dresses and skirts

Sheer black tights are arguably the most underrated accessory of the '90s. Black tights were worn under almost everything, even denim shorts. Though today, we wouldn't recommend that specific look, we would recommend black tights under your favorite mini skirts and dresses. They will not only keep you warm and covered but also keep you looking like you just stepped off the set of Clueless. Instagram fashion creator Kyra Caroline showcases how she styles the '90s black tights look with a sweater vest, white turtleneck, and black mini skirt.