June's New Moon In Gemini Will Have You Seeking Change

New moons are all about trusting in the positive possibilities of the universe while following your intuition, and this magical new moon in Gemini is no exception. So, at 12:36 a.m. EST, on June 18, 2023, get ready to focus on your intentions and dreams, aligning your vision with your heart and mind. We don't necessarily get to predict exact outcomes, but we can utilize the energy of this new moon to walk through the new doors that will open for us.


The sign of the twins will bring with it a double-sided nature to the new moon energy, where we may ping-pong between inspiration over new possibilities and a clouded confusion about which direction to take. Implementing your grounding tools during the new moon will be helpful and, again, trust in the divine plan is key as transformations take place. Here's a closer look at what to expect for June's new moon in Gemini.

The new moon may revamp your social life

If you understand the zodiac sign at all, then you know Gemini is the social butterfly of the astrological wheel and is often chatty, inquisitive, and spontaneous. Harness these powerful Gemini qualities over the new moon by listening intently and responding with just the right social poise and pizzazz (via Cafe Astrology). Allow for others to stand where they may and resist the urge to pry or convince.


Apply these same listening skills with your own inner voice. Discernment — especially when it comes to deciphering between your intuition and feelings of anxiety — is key. The more you show the universe that you are paying attention to your internal compass, even when it may not make sense to others, the more you'll be rewarded. It's also likely that a new moon in social Gemini will bring old friends onto your path, as well as new ones, guiding you to make some changes in your social life. So, if you're feeling a bit more extroverted than usual and ready to mingle, this could very well be why. Take advantage of these flirty feelings and see where the rivers and roads might lead you.

Tough times lead to big changes

Be prepared for tough circumstances and frustrations with old habits to motivate the transformations on the horizon for the new moon in Gemini. There's also levity and humor around this lunar event and time will feel like it's flying by, so focus on the changes you'd like to see taking place in your work, relationship, and daily life, and remain open to what unfolds. It won't be easy to predict the outcomes, but trust in the process and you can't go wrong.


With the heightened energy of illuminated possibilities amping up for the new moon, it's key to harness the elements of the Gemini nature and exercise a loving discipline when it comes to your thought patterns. No one can overthink quite like a Gemini can, so make sure those thoughts are positive. Keep up the frequency of evolution and alignment by catching a negative thought in its tracks and shifting directions, stepping back into an attitude of gratitude each time. It's possible you already know what to expect for 2023's new moons, but like all astrological events, they can sneak up on us and we may miss the opportunity to work with the transformative energy taking place.