Don't Make These Summer Outfit Mistakes (Unless You Want To Be Uncomfortable)

Shorts, bandeaus, and flowy dresses are the epitome of summer fashion. However, the hot weather and outdoor activities can make these looks unbearable. While the "summer outfit ideas" on Pinterest may seem appealing, donning them on a sweltering afternoon may not be worth the discomfort.


We've all experienced a summer outing that went downhill due to pain caused by a cute but impractical clothing choice. A number of fashion mishaps are common during the warmer months, in large part due to the rising temperatures. When planning your next summer outfit, consider how it will feel as the hours tick by. Little is worse than an otherwise perfect day ruined by an uncomfortable ensemble.

Fortunately, you can look stylish and remain comfortable this summer by using alternative clothing options and hacks to create an attractive and sensible warm-weather look. It will just take a little forethought and creativity.

Flat sandals may lead to foot pain

Sandals are an essential choice for summer footwear. However, flat sandals, including gladiator sandals and high-fashion slides, can be harmful to your feet. According to Itasca Foot & Ankle, non-supportive footwear like sandals and flip-flops can lead to several different foot issues. Shoes without support cannot absorb shocks, making stress fractures and plantar fasciitis more likely. They can also have a lasting impact on how you walk, resulting in knee, hip, and back complications. Sandals with little to no support may even cause foot skin problems such as bunions, cracked heels, and infections.


While flat sandals can be a great addition to your summer wardrobe, there are healthier options for your feet that still look fantastic. Sandals with more support, like Birkenstocks, are always a viable choice. Alternatively, if you want to ditch the sandals altogether, sneakers are becoming more common to wear with dresses. This is not only a healthier decision but also a trendy alternative to sandals.

Summer dresses can be a major cause of thigh chafing

A summer dress is a must-have for any warm-weather event, whether it be a wedding or a simple picnic in the park. Unfortunately, summer dresses can also be uncomfortable due to the likelihood of so-called "chub rub" (AKA thigh chafing). As detailed by Healthline, thigh chafing is caused by the thighs rubbing together while walking. This most often happens during summer when people don shorts, skirts, and dresses as the skin has no fabric over it for protection. Plus, sweat is often added to the mixture, which is known to make chafing worse.


While some recommendations for preventing thigh chafing include putting lubricant, such as petroleum jelly, between your thighs, this is often uncomfortable in itself. Instead, try wearing a pair of skin-tight biker shorts under your dress. Not only can this prevent thigh chafing, but it can also save you from a Marilyn Monroe moment.

Too little fabric means all-day adjustments

Summer is the season for wearing less fabric to remain as cool as possible. However, there is a risk of accidentally exposing yourself when rocking super short shorts or tiny tops. Too many of us have almost flashed a family member thanks to a revealing dress or had a tube top slip way too far down our chest. Constantly adjusting our clothing can also make it difficult to enjoy the moment and get the most out of a lovely day.


Instead of wearing tiny tops made of thicker materials, you can cover more skin without worrying about feeling like you are burning alive. According to Nordstrom, the most breathable fabrics for summer clothing are cotton, chambray, rayon, linen, micromodal, merino wool, viscose, bamboo, and anything that's moisture-wicking. Wearing clothing made of these materials can help you avoid overheating and constantly picking and prodding at your outfit to ensure you stay covered.

Choosing tight outfits over loose and flowy looks

Although a tight little black dress may seem like the perfect summer night out look at first glance, you may regret your decision once you hit the dance floor. Tight clothing doesn't allow moisture to evaporate off your skin, trapping in sweat. George Havenith, a professor of environmental physiology and ergonomics at Loughborough University, told NPR, "You have to find a balance with a certain amount of clothing coverage without the clothing actually hampering the sweat evaporation." Loose clothing is a great way to achieve this balance, as it allows air to enter and exit freely, helping sweat to evaporate quickly.


Loose outfits offer a bohemian take on summer fashion and give off a carefree appearance. A maxi dress is a common choice for a loose and breezy look. You can wear tighter shorts underneath to avoid chafing, but in general, it is a very breathable go-to. Another outfit idea is a pair of flowy linen shorts and a boxy, oversized tank top.

Not planning for sweat stains

Sweating is the one part of summer we do not look forward to. As the weather heats up, our bodies try to cool down by sweating. Unfortunately, this wetness can cause stains on our clothing that last even after the sweat dries. Luckily, there are ways to hide and fend off these sweat stains.


Darker colors are often better for preventing visible sweat stains throughout the day. New York-based celebrity stylist Samantha Brown told Today, "A lot of people who sweat a lot opt for black, navy — and darker patterns are also great at camouflaging any kind of perspiration." Blazers or cardigans in a dark shade can be a great go-to topper for your lighter-colored shirts or dresses. Brown also advised readers that tight clothes are a no-go if they want to avoid sweat stains. Clothes that fit closely to the skin show sweat more easily because they become physically wet.

Bra straps out

While not necessarily the most uncomfortable feeling, having your bra straps showing with an adorable summer outfit can definitely be uncomfortable looking. There is nothing worse than taking a bomb Instagram photo only to realize that your bra strap is hanging out. Thankfully, women have come together to create hacks and products to prevent this annoying fashion faux pas. While you can always opt for a traditional strapless bra, sweating during the summer can cause it to ride down throughout the day, making it less than ideal.



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Instead, TikTok has come to the rescue once again with amazing bra hacks. One hack creates a halter-style bra from a traditional convertible bra. TikTok user Janette Ok suggests unhooking your bra straps in the back and attaching them together in front of you. Adjust them and pull them back over your head, tightening again until it fits you snuggly like a halter.

Another TikTok bra hack involves creating a strapless bra out of your convertible bra that is much less likely to ride down than a traditional strapless one. Online clothing boutique American Threads shared a hack stating that you should remove the straps from your convertible bra, take one of the straps and attach it to the back-left loop, loosen this strap and wrap it under your bust, and attach the other side to the back-right loop. Then, tighten the straps so this homemade strapless bra fits well without sliding off.