The Concealer & Powder Hack That Gives You A Bold Lash Look

Some of us were born with naturally long, voluptuous lashes, but the rest of us have to rely on makeup to get the lashes of our dreams. Sometimes, mascara alone isn't enough to create the dramatic effect you're looking for, which can leave you disappointed. However, the solution might already be in your makeup collection — you're just not using the right cosmetics.

As a TikTok video posted by Andreea Pletea shows, your concealer and translucent setting powder are all you really need to boost your lashes game. If lash primer and volumizing mascara haven't made an impact, now is the time to reach for these key cosmetics. Best of all, you can save time by skipping your falsies. "While the concealer offers pigmentation, the powder is a thickening agent, which is why your lashes will look fuller," makeup artist Harriet Harmon told

When choosing a concealer from your makeup connection, don't fret about the tint — in the end, your lashes will be polished off with mascara. While Pletea uses translucent powder in her video, Harmon recommends trying pigmented powder as well. "It definitely works, but the results might not be as dramatic if there's no pigment in your powder," Harmon told the publication. Trying both options can give you a better idea of what works best for the look you want to achieve.

How to get perfect lashes with concealer and powder

If you're ready to up your lash game, TikTok Andreea Pletea shows in her video that you can begin by coating your eyelashes with concealer. Use a mascara lash wand to apply it evenly across all of your eyelashes, and then give it a moment to dry. Next, grab your powder — whether you use translucent or tinted powder is up to you. As makeup artist Harriet Harmon explained to, using a powder with some color might help your lashes pop.

Dip your lash wand into the powder and load it up. Then, work the wand through your lashes, making sure to thoroughly cover them along the way. To top it all off, grab your favorite mascara and apply it just as you would if you were wearing it alone. The end result should be dramatic lashes with ample volume.

When it comes time to remove your makeup, don't forget that you're wearing an ample amount on your eyelashes — it may take a bit of effort to wipe it away at the end of the day. Work slowly with your makeup remover on a cotton pad, gently rubbing your makeup away in a circular motion. Avoid scrubbing it off, and be sure to wash away your makeup remover afterward to prevent any chemicals from lingering on your skin.

Refining your mascara application technique

Just because you weren't born with naturally long lashes doesn't mean you're never destined to have the showstopping ones of your dreams. There are a few tips and tricks you can try to make your eyelashes truly head-turning, and you don't need to hunt for a new mascara. Instead, the solution may lie in your application technique.

For example, focusing on the roots of your eyelashes rather than the tips can help prevent clumping while adding volume. Making sure you add mascara to the backside of your lashes can also help create more definition and give you the bold look you desire.

If clumping is still an issue, don't forget about the benefits of applying lash primer before turning to your mascara. Not only can this simplify the mascara application process, but it can give it more longevity — even waterproof mascara is prone to flaking after several hours of wear.

Finally, be sure to wiggle your wand when you're applying your mascara. This can not only ensure that all of your lashes are evenly coated but also help them stay separated in the process. In the end, you'll have the eyelashes you've always wanted without frustration.