The Easy Concealer Hack That Will Make Your Eyes Pop

Unless you're blessed with the skin of a newborn or won the facial features genetic lottery, you probably like to include under-eye concealer in your makeup routine. Most people have dark circles or puffy skin under their eyes, and concealer is the go-to solution for getting rid of dark under-eye circles and giving the illusion of a lift. Wearing concealer is by no means mandatory –- a natural eye look is incredibly striking and works well for many makeup aesthetics –- but if you do regularly use concealer, it may be time to reevaluate your technique.

The heavy makeup styles popularized by 2010s beauty influencers often relied on a thick application of concealer that gave full coverage to the under-eye area. This approach can appear great in a carefully angled selfie, but it's not an ideal method for makeup that's worn all day, or for looking good in more candid photos. Heavy concealer application will crowd too much product around your eyes, making them look smaller and drawing attention away from the natural beauty of your eye shape and color.

Instead of loading your face up with excess concealer, you can use a minimal amount of product while still getting the coverage and lifting effect you desire. This may sound like a challenging technique best left to professional makeup artists, but with this easy hack, anyone can level up their concealer skills and keep their eyes looking big and bright.

How to use concealer to open up your eyes

This concealer method isn't a secret to those with makeup experience, but a TikTok by @lil_xxtra gives a helpful example of how to effectively apply concealer, as well as a side-by-side comparison with a heavier application style that shows just how big a difference your technique can make.

As the clip demonstrates, rather than placing concealer in a wide curve directly under your eye, or even in a large upside-down triangle under the eye, focus on applying concealer below the inner and outer corners of your eye. Place a vertical stroke of concealer from your inner eye corner to about halfway down the length of your nose. Then, apply a bit of concealer below the outer corner of your eye, just above your cheekbone.

Finally, blend the concealer upwards, using light sweeping motions from the concealer by your nose up to the concealer at the outer eye corner. You'll be spreading a light layer of concealer across your under eyes, but the thickest and brightest sections of product will still be on the edges, thus lifting your eyes without overcrowding the lower eyelid.

Always be conservative with concealer

It's super tempting to layer on your concealer until all evidence of dark circles is eradicated, but this won't get you the results you seek. When doing your makeup, you should keep in mind the intended purpose of the product you're using. In the case of concealer, it's not meant to be a foundation; it's a thicker formula that's supposed to give full coverage on a small, concentrated area of skin. If you apply a concealer like a foundation, you'll end up with creasing around your eyelids and a heavy texture that closes up your eyes. It's best to have a bit of layering patience with under-eye concealer and apply thin amounts at a time. 

And remember: your eyes are three-dimensional objects. It's normal for them to exhibit shadow and depth, and it can actually look a little strange if you try to cover it up entirely. When you apply concealer all the way up to your lower lash line, you could make your eye area look unnaturally flat, especially if you have deeper tear troughs or prominent cheekbones. In contrast, when you focus your concealer on the edges of your under eyes and gently blend it out, you'll cover up the most extreme dark circles while maintaining the features that are harmonious with your natural bone structure. Concealer is a handy tool to keep around, but all you need is a few dabs to get the ideal brightened and refreshed look.