Pashion Footwear: What Happened To The Brand After Shark Tank?

For women who lead busy lives or are used to wearing heels all day, switching to more comfortable shoes can be bothersome. Although high heels add a certain touch to a look, they're not typically the most comfortable shoe trend to follow and can even lead to multiple foot conditions. Haley Pavone, the founder of Pashion Footwear, set out to address this problem with her adjustable products.


Pashion Footwear was founded after Pavone suffered an accident from having to ditch her heels after a night of dancing. Another woman's heel managed to pierce through her foot, leading Pavone to search for a way to stop this type of situation from playing out for anyone else. Pashion Footwear offers shoes that can easily be adjusted from heels to flats, or vice versa. For those who wear heels to the office, a simple twist of the heel can turn your shoes into a pair of flats that are much more comfortable for the journey home.

Pavone presented this mission to the Sharks on the show "Shark Tank." Like all the companies highlighted on the show, Pashion faced many questions and concerns before the Sharks came to a difficult decision.


What happened to Pashion Footwear on Shark Tank?

Haley Pavone's goal was to secure funding to scale her brand, but she chose to stay true to her vision of how her company should be financed. She initially asked the Sharks for $500,000 in exchange for 5% equity in the company. With only a few months of funding left for Pashion, Pavone hoped to raise enough money to continue running the company and expanding its unique design. 


Due to the high return rate and competitive market, only one Shark was interested in striking a deal with Pavone. Canadian businessman Kevin O'Leary offered Pavone the desired $500,000, but with a 5% equity and a $5 royalty per sale until $1 million was paid. After the initial $1 million, the royalty fee would no longer apply.

Although O'Leary's offer would have provided Pavone with the necessary funding, she refused to give up the royalty fee and attempted to renegotiate. Unfortunately, Pavone and the Sharks were unable to come to an agreement by the end of the episode. As a result, Pavone and Pashion Footwear left the show with no deal and an uncertain future.

Pashion Footwear after Shark Tank

Just one month after her appearance on "Shark Tank," Haley Pavone shed light on the status of the company post-show. "I can't really express how the last 30 days have felt for me as a founder," she mentioned in an Instagram post. "Four years of blood, sweat, and tears went into getting @pashionfootwear ready for and on to a national stage. Now, in a month, we've grown daily revenues 350%, welcomed thousands of new Pashionistas to the family, hired 2 more full-time employees (and hunting down the 3rd), secured more investment, and put some CRAZY new things in the works I can't wait to share with you."


According to a press release, Pashion's success didn't stop there. A few weeks after the show aired, the company managed to raise $1 million in funding, pushing the total amount of funds raised over a whopping $3.5 million. Although Pavone didn't accept Kevin O'Leary's offer, it appears that her time on air was well spent. With increased visibility, sales skyrocketed, and Pashion is now looking to expand its reach with customers, as well as laying the foundation for a stable future.

The current state of Pashion Footwear

Pashion Footwear continues to grow and is looking to reach new horizons. In December 2021, Haley Pavone announced via Instagram that she was inducted into Forbes' 30 Under 30 Class of 2022 list. "Starting @pashionfootwear at 20 years old has truly been the most exciting, terrifying, empowering & life-changing experience," she wrote. "To dive headfirst into an industry I knew nothing about, with an idea everyone thought was impossible, all with no resume and no network ... it's been a whirlwind, to say the least!" As the head of a woman-led company, Pavone is also working on establishing herself as an example for other future female investors and entrepreneurs interested in entering the space.


Just like Pavone's career, Pashion Footwear is also seeing major success. In June 2023, Pavone announced on Instagram that over 500 people had contributed to the company's crowdfunding campaign, leading to higher seed funding and more growth opportunities. Additionally, earlier in 2023, Pashion shared on social media that it would restart its shipping to Canada, expanding its market base.

What's in store for Pashion Footwear?

Although Pashion has largely been an online brand, it's making strides in the brick-and-mortar market through pop-up shops and small inclusions in physical locations. Netsuite reported that the company is also taking steps to improve its customer service approach to decrease its high return rate and make customers feel more secure and confident in their purchases. During December 2021, 45% of Pashion's customers had previously shopped with it, indicating a loyal customer base that is growing increasingly confident in the brand's products.


With strong crowdfunding results, increasing investment, and successful pop-ups in retail spaces, the future looks bright for Pashion Footwear. The company now has several years of cash flow to continue expanding its workforce and branching out into new markets. In March 2023, Haley Pavone also announced on her social media account that Pashion Footwear had received an EU Utility Patent, which gives her "exclusive use of a technical invention" in the European Union, according to the European Commission.

Pashion Footwear has stepped into selling boots and booties

While Pashion Footwear first started as a sandal line, the brand has since expanded into other types of shoes, announcing, for instance, the launch of its first boots in 2022. "The technical design innovation that went into making a fully-enclosed boot style turn flat is revolutionary for this industry. As the makers of the world's first fully convertible heel, we are thrilled to be launching the world's first fully convertible boot — one of many to come," founder Haley Pavone shared on LinkedIn. The ankle-length style comes in three colors: black, cream, and a sandy camel shade.


Since then, the brand has come out with several high and low styles in knit and leather options. The colors are all neutral, in different shades of white, brown, and black. There are slim-fitting sock boots and booties, and for boot lovers who prefer a wider calf, Pashion Footwear's leather knee-high boots provide a roomier leg. For office-friendly options, Pashion Footwear has a line of closed-toe pumps as well, with these shoes made with both leather and vegan materials. Of course, all shoes come with the brand's signature interchangeable heels for when your feet need a break from standing tall. 

Pashion Footwear has expanded into the bridal market

Seven years after Pashion Footwear was founded, the company launched its bridal line of low-to-high-heeled shoes. In September 2023, Pashion announced in a TikTok video, "Here comes the... NEW BRIDAL COLLECTION. 8 new 'I Do' shoes, made-to-order. These made-to-order bridal styles are produced on a 6-month timeline, so we recommend ordering your Pashions at the same time as you are wedding dress shopping. This will allow you to have your Pashions on hand in time for your first dress fitting!"


According to Pashion's website, the bridal collection offers sandals in white, tan, brown, and metallic gold. Accessories such as a clip-on bow and various heel options are also available. For those who love rewards, the company offers a Bridal Ambassador Program, which gives buyers discounts on purchases. The bride gets 50% off shoes and a 12% cash reward with every additional order from family and friends. Bridesmaids get 30% off their heels, while guests get a 25% discount. It would be hard for brides to turn down those incentives!

Since "Shark Tank," Pashion Footwear has also partnered with David's Bridal. In a September 2023 email sent to the brand's subscribers, the company wrote, "Hey, Brides-To-Be! EXCITING NEWS: We're officially partnering with David's Bridal to offer all DB brides exclusive Pashion deals! Starting October 1st, you and your bridal crew can get exclusive 'I Do' convertible shoe deals, in-store and online, via David's Bridal." Given the bridal chain's rocky financial state in recent years, this collaboration has surely been a mutually uplifting one.