The Long Black Coat Is The Most Timeless Yet Trendiest Outerwear Option For 2023

Everyone should be ready to see less Barbiecore and more Oppenheimercore as wardrobes transition from summer to fall. In fact, one of the biggest fall 2023 trends is less about ultra-feminine fun and more about timeless, sophisticated neutrals and silhouettes — like long, classy coats. "In single-breasted or double-breasted iterations, the longline coat is a key style for fall," April Hennig, the chief merchant at Moda Operandi, told Marie Claire. "Clean lines and relaxed silhouette make it an effortless way to finish a look. And with exaggerated proportion play being a trend across categories this season, it's fitting that jacket lengths have followed."

More specifically, long coats always look excellent in black, with long black coats being one of the most versatile outerwear options. For instance, one style-loving TikTok user posted a video pairing a timeless, long black coat over a variety of outfits, including a casual look featuring a cap and sneakers, another outfit with an elegant white sweater, and a chic gray top with baggy jeans, captioning the video, "Goes with any outfit." We couldn't agree more, so let's break down our favorite ways to wear them this year.

Warm and stylish is the way

Practical fashionistas should love long black coats because they're fashionable and functional. A long black coat will always be in style — and complement every outfit in your wardrobe — while its extra length will keep you comfortable on crisp and/or windy days. Thus, you'll never have to sacrifice warmth for style when you rock a long black coat.

Dress it down with sneakers

Don't rule out black coats because they might look formal in movies or on the runways. If you prefer more casual looks, you can easily dress the garment down by wearing sneakers as your footwear, and if you want to appear even more laidback, wear your favorite sweatpants and a T-shirt underneath.

Wear white under the coat for classic contrast

There's no better color combination than black and white. Anyone who enjoys the iconic black and white combo should wear a long black coat over a white outfit. If you want to rock colors outside of white but want to generally stay within the neutral theme, flaunt other neutral shades like ivory, beige, and light gray for a little extra contrast and personality.

Try a long leather look

If your favorite black leather jacket isn't keeping you warm enough on chilly fall days, opt for a longer and heavier one to keep the leather look but feel a tad warmer. When it comes to styling, long leather coats look ultra-chic over crop tops and jeans for stylish streetwear or punk-inspired ensembles.

Go for goth vibes

Anyone who enjoys the goth revival trend in 2023 should lean into it by rocking a long black coat this fall. To make your coat appear more goth, wear only dark garments under it or perhaps look for pieces with edgy designs, graphics, and details. While white or pink outerwear wouldn't typically fit the goth aesthetic, long black coats are perfect for it.

Explore accessories to your heart's content

Never assume that long black coats are dull just because they're practical and evergreen. Although they may initially seem less exciting than more colorful options, black coats can be incredibly fun to accessorize. Adding sunglasses, a cute hat, and a stylish handbag, for instance, can transform black outerwear from minimalistic to dazzling.