How To Style Your Favorite Black Leather Jacket

If you want to rock a sleek, timeless yet edgy look, you can never go wrong with wearing a black leather jacket. Not only will these pieces help keep you warm, but they'll instantly elevate your outfits to help you radiate cool-girl energy. One celebrity who comes to mind right away when we think of leather pieces is the stunning and unique Julia Fox, whose outfits are often as bold as her outspoken, daring personality. Fox is the queen of leathery looks and should be a source of inspiration for anyone who wants to experiment with leather fashion.

People of all genders look excellent in leather jackets, so everyone should have at least one in their closet. Think of the song lyric "a little bit older, a black leather jacket, a bad reputation, insatiable habits" from Camila Cabello's dance-worthy "My Oh My." Thus, a black leather jacket can make you seem sexier and more alluring. Plus, there are many fun ways to style these intriguing pieces.

Rock a monochromatic look

If you want a sleek appearance, you should consider pairing your leather jacket with more black items. The consistent use of black will lean into how edgy the leather jacket is while flattering your body. For instance, a punk leather jacket will be the perfect final touch with a sheer black top, black bra, black leather pants, and black purse for a night out.

Add some shades of gray

Gray is an excellent compromise for people who want to keep their ensemble neutral but don't want to wear all black. A sleek black leather jacket and sunglasses will instantly add a stylish edge to a gray sweater, jeans, and hat, transforming the look from understated to runway-ready. Meanwhile, a black leather jacket will add more dimension to a simple gray dress.

Dress it down with jeans

Like peanut butter and jelly or shrimp and cocktail sauce, leather jackets and jeans are a classic, effortless combination. So, if you want a casual, elevated streetwear look, all you'll need to do is wear your favorite black leather jacket with a plain T-shirt, ripped blue jeans, and sneakers. Another style tip is to pair the jacket with a light pair of jeans for contrast.

Pair it with red for a striking look

Black and red is a famously popular color combination in art and fashion, so it's no surprise that red and black nails could be the next big trend. If you want to experiment with this well-liked combo, try wearing a red and black dress under a sleek black leather jacket with leather boots. The striking red hue is the perfect complement to edgy yet classic black, so this combination is iconic.

Make it sexy with a crop top

Wearing a crop top is an excellent way to make any ensemble sexier! For example, a semi-long black leather jacket will provide cool-girl contrast to a plain white crop top, light jeans, and black sunglasses while you show some skin. Or, pair a sleek black leather jacket with a white crop top, ripped oversized jeans, and white sneakers for a sexy streetwear-inspired look.

Dress it up with a dress or skirt

Black leather jackets are as fun to dress up as they are to dress down. For a dressier look, try wearing your leather jacket over a long skirt or dress with a black, gray, and white pattern to keep it edgy while dressing it up. Wearing a white maxi dress with black polka dots is a beautiful way to soften a black biker jacket and flaunt a contrasty look. Moreover, a playful mini skirt will look adorable with a white top and a cropped black leather jacket.

Make it bold with animal prints

To make your leather jacket look even bolder, try wearing it over a garment with an animal print. Animal-inspired patterns are super trendy pretty much all the time, so why not flaunt an animal print top under a leather jacket for a wild and trendy fashion statement?