The 'Untouched Look' Injectable Trend, Explained To Us By A Certified Injector

After decades of rather obvious filler serving as the norm for the faces of aging celebrities and trend-setting influencers, change has finally bubbled to the surface of the facial injectable industry. This shift away from the overdone aesthetic has resulted in the emergence of a new "untouched look." You can think of the aesthetic as the no makeup-makeup of the injectables world; the goal is to look like a slightly enhanced version of your natural appearance.


If you've ever considered getting fillers to combat early signs of aging or volume loss but decided against it due to a fear of looking overdone, it may be time to rethink your decision. Glam spoke exclusively with certified injector and co-founder of Lauréate Aesthetics, Liana Sahakyan, about what you can expect from the untouched look approach to injectables and how it differs from traditional methods for planning and executing non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

Biostimulators, fillers, and a whole-face approach

"Patients more and more are moving away from the trend of looking done and are moving toward natural modalities that help them look rejuvenated yet untouched," Liana Sahakyan explained. "That's where biostimulators come along," she added, referring to injectables like Sculptra, which uses poly L-actic acid to stimulate collagen production and restore lost facial volume over a few months.


For faster results, a more holistic approach to traditional dermal fillers is the answer. Rather than choosing one problem area and neglecting to consider the effect of adding filler on the rest of the face, embracing an untouched look means viewing the facial structure as a whole. This will likely involve smaller quantities of filler being injected in multiple areas. "The areas of treatment are based on unique facial anatomy, concerns, and desired outcomes," Sahakyan advised, adding that most procedures will take the form of a six-point or eight-point lift. This refers to adding small amounts of filler to specific points like the lips, temples, cheeks, and jaw. 

What to expect

Are you convinced that the untouched look trend is for you? According to Liana Sahakyan, you can expect to have every angle of your face studied to determine precisely where your filler or biostimulator should be injected. The overall appearance of your face shape and volume will be considered, as will the effects of filler in one area on the other areas of your face.


Once a treatment plan has been devised and your appointment or appointments have been scheduled, you can expect to receive some basic instructions to follow while your face heals after your procedure, which typically takes about two weeks. The price of natural-looking fillers can vary significantly depending on your geographical location and the business you choose. "Cost varies anywhere from $650 to $900 depending on the price that med spa charges," Sahakyan shared. We never recommend bargain hunting when it comes to cosmetic procedures.