TikTok's Wire Hanger Solution For Storing Tall Boots

PSA: Not all tall boots are meant to be slouchy. Unfortunately, your favorite pair of riding boots or thigh-highs might start to look a little droopy if they're not stored properly. To keep your boots standing up straight, even when they're not in use, TikTok has a simple solution.


In a February 2023 clip, TikToker @therealsweettreat demonstrates a hack using a wire hanger. First, the content creator places her tall boots on a table. She then takes a flexible wire hanger and pulls the bottom wire down, creating a diamond shape. Now comes the good part: She turns the hanger upside down and inserts it, hook part first, into the boots, positioning it so it supports the boots and keeps them standing upright.

The hack is super easy and, if you're planning to declutter and organize your closet, can be an effective way to put those extra hangers to use. Just make sure to use wire hangers that you won't need again, as it may not be possible to bend them back into their original shape.


Why the hack is a must-try

One of the most obvious reasons why TikTok's wire hanger hack is worth stealing is because it can prevent damage to your boots. Creasing is one of the biggest offenders, and you're likely to find unsightly marks on the boot shafts right where they slouch. To remove these creases, you'll need to regularly iron, steam, and/or condition the material, which can require a lot of time and energy and may not totally nix the wrinkles. Prevention is key if you want your boots to look new for years to come.


Keeping your favorite pair upright also makes them less likely to clutter your closet. On this, Joanna Teplin of The Home Edit explained to The Zoe Report, "When boots aren't stored correctly, they tend to lose shape and take up too much space." She also added that leaving shoes loose on the floor is more likely to result in a messy pile, which not only makes it harder to find your shoes but can also do more damage to the boot material. To mitigate all of these issues, try storing your boots with this hanger hack to save time, space, and even money, as you won't have to replace your boots as often.

Other tips for storing tall boots

Wire hangers might be one of the easiest ways to maintain the shape of your boots, but they aren't the only way. Another option, according to Julie Naylon, the founder of an organization business coincidentally named No Wire Hangers, is using a boot box. Naylon told Who What Wear that it's best to clean your boots first before packing them away. Then, grab absorbent charcoal bags and place them, along with the shoes, in a box large enough to contain both boots without needing to squish or fold them. This allows the shoes to lay on their side so they're less likely to become misshapen over time.


If you prefer to keep your boots standing tall, the experts at fashion retailer House of Fraser shared their preferred solution with Your Coffee Break: a wooden shoe tree. These handy tools are designed to support shoes and, depending on the model, can be extended to hold up even your tallest boots. The House of Fraser pros also suggested rolling up a newspaper or magazine and placing it inside the boot to prevent any drooping.

Finally, if your boots are wide and roomy, a pool noodle can keep them in good shape. Simply cut the noodle to the length of the boot and insert it inside.