Brow Expert Tells Us The Best & Worst Eyebrow Shapes For Older Women

Wisdom comes with age, but so do changing beauty regimens. From finding the right haircut to implementing new serums, moisturizers, and even shampoos to combat pesky signs of aging, the beauty world has plenty of tips to offer those in their later years. While some age-specific routines might involve an easy stop at your favorite retailer to pick up a new product, other choices we make are longer lasting — like what eyebrow shape best suits our older selves. 


Much like fashion, eyebrow shapes go through trends. While the '90s were the (thankfully bygone) era of over-plucking, lately, a thicker, full brow has come back into vogue. But when you reach a certain age, following trends can easily become a thing of the past, and adopting a brow look that suits your face shape is much more stylish. But how do you know which eyebrow shape is best? Glam spoke exclusively with celebrity brow expert and makeup artist GG Jeans for insight on exactly that.

Stick to soft arches or a rounded brow

If you've ever over-plucked, you know how difficult — and how time-consuming — it can be to get your brows back to what they once were. And while you might have tried your hand at eyebrow mapping for the perfect above-eye look before, you might notice that as you age, your eyebrows are actually changing. This is natural! As we grow older, our eyebrows can lose their density and appear thinner, especially at the front and tail of the brow.


According to GG Jeans, focusing on your brow shape can combat these natural signs of aging when it comes to your above-eye hair. "For older women, two flattering brow shapes are the soft arch and the rounded brow," she exclusively told Glam. "The soft arch gives a lifted and youthful appearance, while the rounded brow creates a softer and more natural look." The added bonus to these particular brow shapes? "[They] can help frame the face beautifully and enhance your features without looking too harsh or overpowering," she said.

Older women should avoid these eyebrow shapes

For better or for worse, your brows can be one of the first things people notice about you — after all, they're the arches above the windows to your soul! So, whether you're shaping your eyebrows to perfection at home or you prefer to make an appointment at the salon, picking the right brow shape can sometimes feel overwhelming. And it makes sense, as once you pick your shape, you're more or less stuck with it until your natural brows grow back in, which can take anywhere between two and four months.


For those of you on the brow shape fence, GG Jeans has some fool-proof advice for specific styles to avoid: pencil brows and sharp brows. "Overly thin brows can make the face appear older and harsh, while brows with a very angular shape can create a severe and unnatural look," she exclusively told Glam. "It's best to avoid these shapes and opt for softer, more natural-looking brows that complement your features and enhance your overall appearance." And what's better than letting your natural features truly shine in all their glory?