15 Fashion Trends That Are Out In 2022

Living through several years of a global pandemic feels a little bit like what we may have imagined. Now, however, the world is opening up somewhat, and we're glittering the walls (quite literally, actually, if you've been keeping up with interior design trends) with the jubilant glee of our newfound freedom après being back outside. Fashion is no exception to this joy, and 2022 is stocked up with fashion trends that are ever-so-daring, might we say. With fast fashion being on the rise more than ever (via Fast Fashion Global Market Report 2022), it can feel hard to keep up with fads that seem to come and go in the blink of an eye.


2022 is a bit of an unoriginal year: it's spent most of its time drawing influence from other eras, decades, and pop culture moments, per the Indian Institute of Art and Design. It makes sense, though, if you think about it: we just spent over two years primarily indoors; we didn't really have the time to go out in the world and experiment with new and innovative fashion ideas. We were focused on recovering, rebuilding, and relearning, so we have to give the fashion world a bit of a pass.

In light of everything that's happened in the last couple of years, fashion has been making its comeback by reflecting our modern-day lives, and it's here to get your attention in 2022. There's a lot being pulled from previous decades, but that doesn't mean we're looking back on quite everything just yet. In fact, are a number of trends that 2022 will not be welcoming back with open arms.


Skinny jeans

Sorry, skinny jean lovers, you can leave those skinnies in the back of the closet; 2022 says you won't be needing them anytime soon. '22 is the year of all things loose-fitted, and jeans are no exception. According to search statistics, baggy jean searches grew by 38% in 2022 (via Meet Glimpse). In fact, a lot of consignment stores won't even accept skinny jeans anymore (via Washingtonian).


Neutral colors

"The Queen has been color-blocking for years, now it's time for us all to boost our mood with bold hues," says Woman & Home fashion director Paula Moore. Neutral colors were quite in style during the earlier phases of the COVID-19 pandemic, and most fashion experts agree that fun, exciting colors are a result of our post-lockdown feelings of freedom in 2022. That being said, don't be afraid to experiment with creative color combos as well.


Midi skirts

This summer has proven one major thing in regards to skirts: it's either a mini or a maxi; there's no in-between. 

The micro miniskirt trend dominated the fashion world this summer; "As someone who is only 5-foot-3, I enjoy a good mini; [it] makes my legs look longer than they actually are," fashion expert Jenny Walton tells Byrdie. In fact, this may be because midis can actually make a person appear shorter, which is one reason they're no longer in style.



Camo print was everywhere circa 2017, but this year, it kind of goes hand-in-hand with neutral colors. On this, Catherine Morrissey, president of White + Warren, tells Marie Claire, camo "is a fantastic non-print print that functions like a neutral. It adds interest without being overpowering." The same, according to Marie Claire, applies to animal print. Ultimately, 2022 is all about being overpowering, and camo might not provide this message in the ways that some may want.


Cold-shoulder tops

What are experts saying about cold-shoulder tops this year? "While these are still a favorite for many women, this trend has been around awhile and is simply starting to feel a little bit tired," stylist and model Tara Dupuis tells Insider.


Instead of these loose-fitting tops, why not opt for something structured? More than ever, fashion is about having fun, so experiment with bolder options. You never know what you might fall in love with.

Unsustainable clothes

Despite fast fashion being something on the rise, people are beginning to really wake up about the impact the fashion industry has on the environment. Consumers are realizing it's not really cool to look good at the expense of nature and workers in unfit working conditions, per Bloomberg


"The price of clothing is artificially low, partially because of poor working conditions," shares Elizabeth Cline, director of advocacy and policy at the nonprofit Remake, with Vogue Business.


While oversized shirts are wildly trendy this year, it's all about the style and shape. Tunics simply aren't it for 2022; instead, crop tops that embrace body positivity are on fire right now.

"Crop tops are a classic," says celebrity stylist Naz Meknat to Brydie. We simply love that crop tops can look great on any body type or size.


Mirrored sunglasses

Trends are really fixated on Y2K vibes right now, and mirrored sunnies weren't something en vogue for women back in those days (we were more all about our colored lenses during that time). Instead, lenses right now are focused on a simple, black look, with bold-colored thick frames. 


"We're seeing bigger, thicker, and bolder shapes really come to the forefront of eyewear trends this spring. Oversized frames can be a simple way to liven up any outfit in a flash — they simply elevate your look to the next level," Warby Parker's chief merchandising officer Kim Nemser disclosed to Stylecaster.

High-waisted jeans

While we thought the low-rise jean trend of the early 2000s was long dead and buried, never to return, they made their shocking comeback (as most trends do) in 2021. "Love it or hate it, there's no denying that more people are trying out low-rise denim again," Kesha Linder, a merchandiser at thredUP, tells Refinery29


2003 Paris Hilton, look out; we've come back for you, and we're leaving all of our high-rise jeans behind.

Skater skirts

While skater skirts got their name due to their resemblance to a figure skater's skirt, 2022 is more focused on other sports — namely tennis and golf. "The tennis skirt has been a design classic since the '60s and has remained just as desirable," says Alex Eagle, owner and designer of Alex Eagle Sporting Club (via Vogue U.K.). 


Try pairing a tennis or golf skirt with an adorable crop top; you'll thank us later. 


Since looks from the 2010s have made a comeback in 2020 (color-blocking, for example), you might be wondering about the love-it-or-hate-it peplum trend we put behind us in the previous decade. While peplums are taking their time reappearing into the cycle and aren't quite back yet in 2022, we may be seeing them slowly crawling in for their return.


"I think there is something to be said about women historically using peplum as a way to create that hourglass silhouette," explains textile conservator Margaret O'Neill (via Refinery29). For now, though, peplum remains out of style.


This one may be kind of a given in 2022, but we feel it should be included on the list because of its importance. Back in 2017, Gucci made headlines when it announced that from there on out, the luxury fashion house would go fur-free (via CNN). Fast-forward to five years later and other brands have followed suit, making fur a 2022 fashion no-no (via PETA).



In 2020, when we were all stuck indoors, we got a bit lost in the cozy, simple life of fashion. Cottagecore clothing — think peasant-style, vintage prairie vibes — became a thing, and as cute as it was at the time, we've moved on to more cutting-edge trends this year. 


Katie Eastwood, stylist ambassador at online personal styling service Stitch Fix, tells Woman & Home, "[...] metallics, bold colors, or low waists – in 2022 it's definitely a case of 'more is more'." No longer are the days of sweatpants and hoodies!

Lounge sets

With spending all of our time inside came the investment in loungewear. Naturally, we figured out ways to turn soft, cottony blends into statement pieces, and hey, it worked. But for the moment, we've had enough of the comfort; it's time to break out of our shells. Instead of a lounge set, opt for a more trendy knitwear set. "A knitwear set is something that has become a fashionable take on glam leisure," says Brooklyn-based fashion stylist and TV expert Denise Caldwell (via USA Today).


High heels

While a stunning heel will truly never go out of style, that doesn't always necessarily mean they're trending. 2022 lives for chunky soles and vibrant, bejeweled ballet flats — and platforms are just as hot as ever. In fact, celebrity stylist Cindy Conroy tells InStyle, "[Summer 2022] is all about the platform and I'm so here for it!" Next time you're out, don't be afraid to sport the latest trends and leave early-pandemic favorites behind.