7 Estheticians Get Real About Their Thoughts On Botox

thoughts on botox

To get Botox or to not get Botox? That is the question women of all ages find themselves asking these days — and it seems everyone has an opinion on it. But let’s face it: With more and more 20-somethings going under the needle, and more 60-somethings looking like they’re still hovering around 30 (ahem, Christie Brinkley), the minimally invasive procedure seems pretty promising. While we know dermatologists consider it the holy grail treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, we were curious what estheticians, the ones who keep our skin youthful through facials and peels, think about the stuff. Here, seven skin pros share their honest opinions.

“It's good because it works!”

When Sarah Lore, esthetician, founder, and Chief Potion Officer behind Apothecary Co., was in esthetician school, she was taught that Botox should be used as a preventative treatment to stop the muscles that cause wrinkles from moving. “It's been around for a long time and millions of people have seen excellent results from using Botox,” she says. “You'll know when it's the right time, and once you get started, it's a slippery slope. It is, however, a personal decision, so it's difficult to give a one-size-fits-all recommendation.”

“In my practice, I’ve seen Botox go both ways.”

Debbi Burnes, esthetician and founder of Sumbody has clients who get injections and look amazing, as well as others who have openly discussed their Botox nightmares. Her overall recommendation is to make sure you vet your doctor well. “I do try to steer my younger clients away from Botox but am seeing more and more women in their 20s who are starting to use it,” she shares. “I truly feel there is absolutely no need, so the longer you can hold off, the less you use, and with less frequency — that's when the results I see look most fantastic on skin.” In general, she believes there is a bigger issue at hand, which involves women not embracing the natural aging process. “We, as a group, should be encouraging other women to feel beautiful even with lines and wrinkles and teaching them to feed, nurture, and support their skin in an effort to keep it healthy, glowing, and beautiful as opposed to changing it.”

“The long-term effects are questionable.”

According to Angelina Lucheux, esthetician and owner of Tailormade for You Skincare, there’s not enough research on the long-term effects of the drug, especially since it’s only been injected in the face for a handful of decades at most. She also feels that a “quick fix” is not the solution to healthy, youthful-looking skin. “It’s unnatural — people who have no expressions left from too much Botox and fillers that they have a hard time showing emotions,” she says. “Taking care of one’s skin through diet, exercise, laughter, and, of course, a diligent skin care regime will help you age gracefully.”

“It’s pretty much the gold standard for wrinkle treatments.”

West Hollywood-based celebrity esthetician, Joshua Ross of SkinLab, has been getting Botox for several years now and believes it’s the gold standard treatment for crow’s feet, expression lines, and frown lines on the forehead. Still, he worries that people rely too heavily on the drug. “When you are focused on fine lines and wrinkles, it’s usually because the skin doesn’t look good in general,” he says. “While Botox is great and serves its purpose, you should also work with an esthetician to improve texture, pigment, tone, and skin laxity.” This, he explains, will improve the overall aesthetic picture of the face to the point that you don’t feel like you need to rely so heavily on injections.

“It's a quick, pain-free treatment I recommend my patients try out.”

When Graceanne Svendsen, a celebrity facialist and practice manager at Shafer Plastic Surgery & Laser Center in NYC, started her first aesthetics job in her mid-thirties, one of her coworkers suggested she use Botox “to look a little more relaxed.” From then on, she’s been hooked! “Men and women love it,” she says. “Everyone has a threshold for when they look in the mirror and know they need to tweak a bit here and there.” As with most things, however, she notes that Botox is an art. “There’s a finesse to the application, so it's really important your provider is licensed and certified, as well as on the same page with your goals and how you see yourself.”

“Botox…I LOVE IT”

“There are many neuromodulators currently available, and I can proudly say I’ve tried them all and have been very happy,” says Sharon Grasso, LE, a licensed medical micropigmentation specialist, brow expert, and founder of Permanent Touch Cosmetics. “I believe that Botox is not just for people that are aging — it can be great for anyone who’s noticing unwanted ‘creases,'” she says, adding that she sees 30-year-old clients who constantly frown or raise their brows as an expression, causing creases that start to make an impression in the skin. “Static wrinkles can start very young, and I think it’s great that we have so many options to treat them.”

“If you want it, get it.”

“Whether it’s for boosting one’s self confidence or if it helps one’s need to stay younger-looking, I feel if you want it, get it,” says Bella Schneider, esthetician and owner of LaBelle Day Spas and formulator of Bella Schneider Beauty. “We live in a world that admires physical beauty and the competition is fierce!”