How Does Color Wow Dream Coat Work, Anyway? We Asked A Cosmetic Chemist

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With the right products, decent technique (and, if you're lucky, a full glam squad at your beck and call), anyone can look red-carpet ready. The real challenge is maintaining that look once you leave the house. Just like red wine to lipstick and sweat to foundation (without a good setting powder to hold your makeup in place), moisture can completely ruin your hard-earned hairdo. This is especially annoying if you were going for an anti-volume, pin-straight vibe, and unfortunately, it's super relevant if you live in a humid climate. 


So, of course, we're intrigued by Color Wow's Dream Coat Supernatural Spray, a product approved by Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber that's been hailed as the ultimate haircare weapon against wet weather. According to Color Wow's website, the spray "waterproofs your hair to stop frizz, even in the worst humidity." To understand how such a product works at a chemical level, Glam spoke exclusively to cosmetic chemist Ron Robinson, founder of the skincare brand BeautyStat. As Robinson explained to us, it all comes down to the silicone polymers within the product.

How does Dream Coat actually work?

While Color Wow's Dream Coat has been wowing people all over social media, it's simply a frizz-fighting product at its core. "This product is an anti-frizz spray that contains film-forming silicone polymers that coat the hair and protect it from frizz as it detangles, conditions, and adds shine to the hair," cosmetic chemist Ron Robinson told us in our exclusive chat. He adds that the product works strand by strand to protect your locks from moisture.


Per the product's official instructions, you apply Dream Coat once you've shampooed and conditioned your hair like normal. Towel-dry your hair and then spray the product generously on sectioned hair before blow-drying. Note that blow-drying is non-negotiable, as this is what gets Dream Coat to do its thing. "These polymers are activated by heat to form an invisible water-repellent coat around each hair strand to leave it smooth and shiny," Robinson explained. For the best results, you'll also want to avoid combining any other products with Dream Coat until after you've blow-dried your hair.

Is Color Wow's Dream Coat worth the hype?

If the stats are anything to go by, Color Wow's Dream Coat seems to have left a very good impression on most customers. With more than 78,000 ratings on Amazon, the product has been branded with a cumulative 4.3 stars. Among the torrent of reviews, customers seemed to be the most impressed with the spray's ability to fight frizz in the humidity, but they also praised the way their hair was left smooth, shiny, and without that heavy, sticky feeling that sometimes comes with protective hair products. Additionally, customers seemed to think the spray was worth the $28 price tag.


"The before and after photos are very impressive," Ron Robinson admitted exclusively to Glam. Online beauty reviewers also seem to recommend the product, including vlogger Jonathan Monroe, who officially endorsed the product via Color Wow's TikTok. Ultimately, the consensus seems to be that Dream Coat is worth a shot if frizz is making your hair untameable.