Pin-Straight Hair: The Anti-Volume Trend Coming Back With The Rest Of The '90s

There's a very good chance that you've been spotting hairstyles from the '90s everywhere you go these days, and that includes chic modern takes on pin-straight hair that's anything but boring. One of the reasons the style is an ideal choice for many may have to do with how practical it is for people with different kinds of hair lengths and textures to achieve and maintain. Philip Ferriera, a hair expert with Wella Professionals, explained to Elle Canada, "Straight hair is easier for flash drying (quick drying) so if you are one of those people who doesn't like to put a ton of effort into your daily hair regime, straight is where it's at. Some people may need to put a flatiron through it to seal the cuticle a bit more but it's simple and quick."

That's not to mention the fact that it can be an incredibly versatile option. Although that may surprise you since it may seem like it's a rather, well, straightforward style, there are actually various ways that you can pull off this particularly sleek look. Whether you prefer long hair, short hair, or something in between as well as a range of options when it comes to styling, there's surely a version of pin-straight hair that's just right for you.

Pin-straight hair with middle part

Wearing your pin-straight hair with a middle part is an option that's trendy but also timeless. Although it boasts a simple vibe, it can be just what's needed when you want to show off super-straight hair. Beyond that, straight hair will frame your face without overwhelming your look. If you also happen to have a long mane, then you may want to keep it pulled forward or you can tuck it behind your ears. You can also subtly slick down any baby hairs that won't quite stay in place without a little help.

Pin-straight hair with side part

Mix things up from day to day in an easy-peasy but oh-so-chic way by switching from pin-straight hair with a middle part to one that's off to the side. While it may seem like a change that's too little to make a significant or noticeable difference, it may end up altering your look more than you expected. Although it's another style that can be tucked behind your ears when you need your hair out of the way, this option also looks amazing when you simply pull back one side.

Pin-straight hair with bangs

The topic of bangs may spark plenty of opinions, however, what really matters at the end of the day is how you feel about what they can do for your look. With that in mind, you may want to consider opting to get bangs while you also embrace pin-straight hair. You could opt for thick blunt bangs, short baby bangs, thin feathery fringe, or wispy curtain bangs. Whatever you choose, it's likely best to stick with something that's just as straight as the rest of your hair.

Pin-straight hair in a bob

Pin-straight hair isn't only an option for those who have long strands. You can also pair this smooth and sleek trend with a cut that's shorter like a classic bob. You can wear the style with either a middle or side part as well as forward or tucked back. It's also great for anyone who is growing out their hair thanks to the fact that it will continue to look good at different lengths as it gradually gets longer.

Pin-straight short hair

Although pin-straight styles suit both long and medium-length hair, you can take this '90s-inspired look even further by slaying a 'do that's also super short. Still giving you a fair share of choices when it comes to specific styles, you may want a look that is soft and fluffy or one that is slick and smooth. You might also prefer an itty-bitty pixie cut or one that offers you a little more to work with which will give you a chance to truly show off what you can do with your straight style.