Hairstyles That Prove Straight Hair Doesn't Have To Be Boring

Bouncy beach waves and textured tresses have dominated our feeds for years, but that doesn't mean that straight hair is out of style. With the '90s and Y2K hairstyles coming back around, sleek, stick-straight locks are having a major moment. Straight hair can have a reputation for being boring, but that's far from the case — especially as long as you have some good straight-hair inspiration!

With the right styling, there are plenty of ways to dress up straight tresses and give your hair movement and volume. Straight hair can have just as much oomph as wavy or curly textures, but it might take a bit of finessing. Some of the main complaints of those with this hair texture include frizz, split ends, and lack of volume.

To combat these issues, you'll want to keep some moisturizing hair serum or oil close by. And when reaching for your hair straightener and blow dryer to give your tresses an ultra-straight and voluminous look, don't forget to use a heat protectant spray to help maintain your hair health. From sleek Y2K-inspired styles to classic voluminous blowouts, we've rounded up some trendy and timeless straight hairstyles.

Piecey spiky bun

A spiky bun is one of the trendy Y2K hairstyles taking center stage. It's one of our favorites because it's so easy to do and easily covers up oily hair before wash day. Straight hair makes this bun easier to style — it allows you to create those spiky pieces, which should stick straight out from the base of your bun. If you need some help keeping the spiky bits in place, a spritz of flexible-hold hairspray should do the trick.

Half-up, half-down pigtails

Almost too adorable to handle, half-up, half-down pigtails are just so youthful and fun. This hairstyle can work with pretty much any hair texture, but it offers the benefit of volume if you have straight locks. Start with a middle part so you can create even sections on each side. Tie the pigtails high up on each side of your head to give your overall look a height boost.

Half-up, half-down space buns

Will we ever get sick of space buns? Not likely. If you naturally have a straight hair texture, it can be hard to keep your silky strands wrapped up neat in these small buns. To fix the problem of flyaways and rogue sections, tie your hair in braids before wrapping each section into a space bun.

Style with a silk ribbon

There's almost no hairstyle that a ribbon doesn't make prettier — straight styles included. Use a hair elastic to tie your hair in its regular half-up, half-down arrangement (this will keep it in place better than a ribbon alone). Then, wrap the ribbon around the hair elastic and double-knot it to make sure it doesn't accidentally come undone.

Old Hollywood pixie

Straight, short hair looks so chic and shows off your bone structure beautifully. With a rich blond color, a side part, and a blingy barrette, this long pixie cut gives off an old Hollywood vibe that just screams confidence. If you have naturally straight hair, a pixie style is a super low-maintenance option that will take you very little time to style in the morning.

Lob with curtain bangs

A lob is a classic but trendy haircut, and if you have naturally straight hair, it's a very low-maintenance one too. If a plain lob feels a bit boring, add curtain bangs for a prettier look that's still relatively easy to keep up. Longer curtain bangs can be pulled forward for a face-framing effect or tucked behind your ears to keep them out of the way.

Pigtail braids

A favorite style from our childhoods, pigtail braids deserve a spot in your adult hairstyle repertoire as well. It's cute, easy to do, and keeps your hair out of your face. The end result is a casual everyday hairdo with a boho vibe. You can pull out some front pieces to make it look even more effortless.

Long and sleek with a blunt bang

Long and luscious waist-length straight hair looks so feminine and pretty; it's a stunning style in its own right. Add a blunt bang, and it becomes even more fashionable. When you have long, straight hair, a blunter cut can help you maintain volume towards the end of your strands, where thinning often occurs.

French braid pigtails

If you're looking for a more distinctive straight hairstyle, this half-braided look is a dainty one. It's almost fairy-like, so it pairs beautifully with a flowery summer dress. To start, part your hair down the middle into two sections. French braid each half, but instead of braiding all the way down, finish the braid where you would usually tie a pigtail. 

Adorned with barrettes

Straight hair, curly hair, or anywhere in between, you can't go wrong with some adorable barrettes. Not only can they help keep the hair out of your face, but they can add some color to the front of your hairstyle as well. You can use a single barrette on each side or opt for a double barrette look for even more cutesy appeal.

Hime cut and micro bangs

One of the edgier haircuts on this list, this hime cut with micro bangs straddles the line between grungy and cute. With its choppy layers, hime cuts look great on straight hair since this texture can help show off its sharp angles. Bold micro bangs add even more dimension to this layered cut.

Slicked back braided ponytail

One of our favorite slick and straight styles is the slicked-back braided ponytail. Use hair gel or hairspray to keep your hair well and truly in place — this gives it its sleek look and also keeps it out of your face. A regular ponytail can feel a bit plain, so opt for a braid instead, which gives this hairstyle its edgier look.

Classic blunt lob

The blunt lob is a popular style for good reason. It's pretty much universally flattering for straight hair or curly, though it can look extra sleek with straight hair. It's also a great way to experiment with a shorter style if you're used to long locks and don't want to go as short as a traditional bob.

Half-up, half-down with straight-across bangs

Whether your hair is naturally straight or it takes some work to get there, you've probably tried a half-up, half-down hairstyle before. It's simple and versatile, but if yours needs a bit of sprucing up, why not consider bangs for your next haircut? There's something about half-up, half-down styles and bangs that just work together — it looks put-together and frames your face nicely.

French bob

French bobs look effortlessly chic. With a bob cut around chin-length and blunt bangs, this hairdo is so distinctive. It has a certain je ne sais quoi that can make any outfit look more fashionable — it's really one of those hairstyles that feels more like an accessory than just a haircut.

Voluminous ponytail with a hairband

An extra long and extra voluminous ponytail can make you feel like a pop star (think Ariana Grande's iconic looks). A bedazzled hairband can bring the glam to an otherwise simple style. Most of us aren't lucky to have ultra-thick hair, so to get that popstar look, you can use hair extensions.

Sleek side-parted bun

While side-swept styles tend to be put on the sidelines lately, we still think they have a notable place in your hairstyle toolkit. A super sleek side-parted bun is one way to bring the side part into the modern day, combining a deep part with the trendy clean girl bun.

Braided pieces with a ribbon

Baby braids are all the rage right now, and ribbons are having a moment two. Combine these two popular styles into one by tying off braided pieces with satin ribbon. It's a little girly and a little grungy, especially if you're styling stick-straight dark hair. Choose a ribbon that contrasts against your hair color to really make the accessory pop.

Bubble braid pigtails

Bubble braids have been making their rounds on social media, and we live for this throwback trend. If you have trouble braiding your hair, bubble braids are an easier-to-do alternative. This is a style that works best on longer hair (you'll need enough length to make at least two bubbles), and straight hair can help give these "braids" their signature smooth and rounded look.

Slicked-back ponytail with a scrunchie

This extra-high ponytail looks like it belongs in an '80s workout class, and the scrunchie is really just the cherry on top to set the theme. A regular slicked-back ponytail looks gorgeous on straight hair, but it can feel a bit boring for some. If you want to look a bit more fun and casual, adding a colorful scrunchie is one way to do it.

Short and sweet

A play on the classic pixie, a choppy and chic wixie cut (a winged pixie cut) has a shaggier look than a traditional pixie. While a pixie is usually styled to sit tight to the head, a wixie has a soft and more voluminous layered look. This short and sweet hairstyle is romantic and youthful and looks especially pretty with curtain bangs.

Space buns

Favored by anyone looking for a trendy and youthful hairstyle, space buns are just downright adorable. You can place them up high on each side, like in this inspiration photo, or go for two low buns. Pull out a couple of strands in the front to give your space buns a more undone vibe.

Comfy cotton headband

Comfy cotton headbands are one of our favorite nostalgic trends to grace our feeds recently. Cozy, practical, and stylish, you can use them to pull together a preppy or athletic look. Or even better, to cover greasy roots. You'll look super cute, and if you choose a wide headband and cover your hairline, everyone will be none the wiser that you're close to wash day!

Ribbon bubble braid ponytail

Another take on bubble braid hair, this style uses ribbons to add flair. Start this look with your regular slicked-back ponytail, then section off "bubbles" using more hair elastics. Tie thin ribbons around each elastic section. The elastics help each section stay even throughout the day, whereas ribbons alone might slide around.

Neat ballerina bun

Capture the graceful essence of a ballerina with a sleek ballerina bun. Start with a ponytail that sits in the middle of the back of your head, and then twist your hair around itself to create a smooth, rounded bun. Bun pins are a subtler choice that will help your hair stay in place better than regular bobby pins. If you struggle with keeping your bun smooth, opt for a hair net, which will keep your bun neat for a professional-dancer look.

Low bun

While you might think of a low bun as a lazy day hairstyle, with a little finessing, you can make it look glamorous. This low chignon is a great example. To recreate it, start with a low ponytail. Take your hair and twist it around itself to create a neat bun — think about creating the shape of a cinnamon roll rather than a messy topknot. Bun pins can help keep the chignon in place.

Half-up, half-down claw clip

It doesn't get much easier than a claw clip hairstyle. A half-up, half-down claw clip style is truly effortless; you just need to pull back your two front sections and capture them in the clip. This style is stunning on straight or curly hair but does particularly well to show off sleek-straight locks.

Slick bun with a baby part

The early '00s baby part is another trend that has made its way back into current styles. This style involves parting your hair only in the front, along the first inch or two of your hairline. The rest of your hair is pulled back with no part. If you want a little more oomph in the front of a slicked bun look, a baby part is a perfect solution.

Loose braid

Throwing your hair back in a loose braid is one of those hairstyles that everyone should be able to do. Silky straight hair makes a loose braid look extra shiny and soft. It's a style that you can step out the door wearing if you want an uncomplicated but put-together look. If you have a hair elastic, it's one you can do on the go as well.

Dramatic side part

Hair trends: They come and go. So even if you're obsessed with your middle part right now, there might come a time again when you're back to rocking a deep side part. A dramatic side part and stick straight hair are nostalgic, and when styled sleek and silky, so stylish too.

Mini hair clips

If you want an ultra-low-maintenance straight hair look, all you need is some cute mini hair clips. Once your hair is straight, use them to pin up some sections of hair by the front of your face. You can leave a few face-framing pieces out or pin your front sections fully back to keep your locks out of your face.

High bun

A high bun looks just as nice at the office as with your favorite street-style outfit. It's truly one of those versatile styles that work for all hair types, including stick-straight hair. To give your hair some texture and keep it in its bun, you might want to use some texturizing or hair spray, which can help give your hair that extra neat look.

Add a claw clip for volume

At this point, you've probably tried a claw clip hairstyle — they're just so convenient. If you have long, straight hair, one style you might not have tried yet is this volume-boosting hairdo. Instead of tucking all your hair inside the claw clip, leave half of it to poof out of the top of the clip. This creates a ponytail-like style that has tons of bouncy volume.

Preppy headband

Channel your inner Blair Waldorf with a preppy headband. Satin, silk, and velvet are all gorgeous materials that give that preppy look. To make the hairband pop, choose a color that contrasts with your hair. For example, this white headband stands out against brown hair beautifully. 

Simple but sleek middle part

While this look is simple, it's also so gorgeous. The extra glossy texture is what makes this style elevated from your everyday straight hair. A high-quality hair straightener can help create this smooth effect, while hair oil or smoothing serum (or even a combination of both) can help you get a similar silky look.

Face-framing braids

A couple of face-framing braids can instantly take your straight hair from plain to trendy. It has a cutesy but slightly grungy vibe to it that fits right in with your edgier outfits or makes a girly vibe look a little more chic. Use mini hair elastics that match your hair color to help make the ties as subtle as possible.

Half-up, half-down spiky bun

A variation on the popular spiky bun, this half-up, half-down version is perfect if you don't like having all your hair slicked back. Leaving the bottom half of your straight hair down softens the overall look while still sticking to its Y2K roots with the stick-straight strands.

Style with a hair scarf

A hair scarf looks classy on all hair types, including straight hair. Best of all, hair scarves come in so many colors and patterns that you can find one to fit almost any outfit, including matching options like in this inspo photo. Easy to bring in a purse and throw on, scarves are a low-maintenance choice for straight hair styling.

Shag cut

A layered shag cut is edgy and versatile, working nicely with both curly and straight textures. Straight hair really shows off the layers of your chop and can bring a ton of movement to the look. Short bangs make this haircut look more hip, but you can also opt for curtain bangs for a trendier look.

French braid pieces

Similar to face-framing braids (but a little more boho), these French braided sections are summery and sweet. If you have naturally silky straight hair, you might have trouble getting it to stay in a braid. A texturizing spray can help give your hair a little grip to stay neatly in this style.

Pulled back

Pulling back the front of your hair with barrettes is another style that gives a Y2K-inspired vibe (especially if you choose sparkly butterfly clips). It's another straight hairstyle that's so easy to do yourself. It creates a slightly layered look that can show off the silkiness of your straightened tresses.

Baby part ponytail

If you don't like slicked-back hair (for some of us, it makes our head look a little, well, egg-like), then a baby part is the fix. It lets you keep the appearance of a part while also slicking back most of your hair. Adding a headband makes the part section even more noticeable.

Classic blowout

A classic blowout adds enviable volume to your hair, and it's one of our favorite ways to style straight hair. Decade after decade, it just never truly goes out of fashion. Achieving a salon-quality blowout takes practice, but it's one you can recreate with a hair dryer and barrel brush with some patience.

Hair-wrapped ponytail

A hair wrap is easy to do and automatically elevates a regular ponytail. Best of all, hardly any extra accessories are necessary! To create a hair-wrapped look, tie your usual ponytail, then take a small section of hair and wrap it around the hair elastic. A bobby pin and hairspray will help to keep the hair-wrapped section in place.

Slicked-back high ponytail

Perfect for both the office and the nightclub, a straight and slicked-back high ponytail is really one of those hairstyles that makes you feel bold and confident. It's clean and sleek and will keep your hair out of your way for the whole day (or the whole night).

Looped bun

Messy buns and topknots have been all the rage for decades, but if those feel overdone, try a looped bun instead. A looped bun is made by folding a ponytail in on itself to create that looped section. Often, the bottom section of hair is then wrapped around the elastic, but you can also leave that step out for a more undone look.