25 Shag Haircuts To Inspire Your Next Salon Visit

If you've ever had the urge to update your hairstyle and have been looking for something that isn't just trendy and cute, but also low maintenance and versatile, a shag haircut may be exactly what you're looking for. Regardless of the length, texture, or color of your hair, there's a shag haircut that will look amazing on you. "There are so many versions of [the shag] — there is always the right style version for you," hairstylist and cofounder of Mark Ryan Salon in New York City, Ryan Trygstad told Glamour. The shag has seen a resurgence in popularity recently and has been a favorite style of celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish, and Halle Berry. The wolf cut, a variation of the shag, has also gone viral on social media sites.

One of the best things about a shag cut is that it works on any length of hair, which can't be said about a lot of different hairstyles. "The length can really transform the feeling of the cut, but a shag works for all lengths because it's just adding layers and face-framing to an existing length," Erickson Arrunategui, a hairstylist at Bumble and Bumble New York, told InStyle. "You can go extreme or light, depending on what you want."

So, if you're ready to change things up a bit, here are 25 shag haircuts to inspire your next hair appointment.

Curly shag with balayage

A shag is a great way to embrace your natural curl and give your hair a break from all those hot tools that can cause breakage and damage. We love this shoulder-length curly shag with long bangs and balayage for extra added depth. The is giving so much body while also looking soft and healthy.

The Goldie shag

Stylist and shag expert Rachel Williams coined the Goldie shag after the iconic Goldie Hawn. This is a long, sexy shag with a full bang and lots of movement and layers around the face. "Because of its face-framing layers, it really accentuates the woman's face," Williams told Behindthechair.com.

Long, strawberry blond shag

We don't what we love more: the stunning long shag cut or this gorgeous strawberry blond color! The long shag features loose layers around the face and a gorgeous, shaggy bang that perfectly accentuates the model's face shape. This strawberry blond color is the perfect accent for this gorgeous and long romantic style.

The all-over short shag

We've seen a few shags with long, piece-y fringe or curtain-style bangs, but we love how this short shag is worn with short bangs, too. Wes Sharpton, who created this look, explained to Allure how bangs can really differ with each shag cut. "The bangs bring attention to the eyes and the areas around the face frame to create a contour-like-effect which highlights the cheekbone," Sharpton explains.

Long with a pop of color

The shag tends to be popular with longer hair because it allows you to take a lot of the weight out while still maintaining body and fullness. This long shag features a heavier, blunt bang and adds just a pop of color with caramel highlights peeking through the black hair color.

Lovely lilac

This stunning, shoulder-length shag features a blunt bang and a lovely, lilac color. This cut really shows just how low-maintenance the shag is while still giving everyone serious hair envy. This cut is great if you're looking for something that doesn't require a lot of styling or hot tools.

The summer-blonde shag

This medium-length shag is giving us total beach babe vibes thanks to the gorgeous summer blonde and the long, sexy layers. The curtain bangs are so versatile they can be worn down or swept off to the side. Thanks to the length, this is a style that can be worn up or down, giving you choice when it comes to doing your hair.

Short and shaggy

Celebrity stylist Sally Hershberger created this short, punk rock-inspired shag/mullet for Miley Cyrus, inspiring countless others to do the same. The stylist explained to Vogue that the look was both "rebellious and free-spirited," adding that the look was more "glam rock" than past iterations of the hairstyle. This is perfect for someone who wants an easy style while still making a statement.

Mid-length with curtain bangs

This style proves you don't have to have a ton of hair to get a great-looking shag cut. Choppy layers, texture, and long curtain bangs create an almost effortless look that is both modern and retro at the same time. The ease of this style is what makes it so cool and chic.

Classic shag

Los Angeles-based stylist Holly Seidel explains to Allure the appeal of the classic shag haircut. "Women are tired of being told to hide their natural textures," she says. "They want to wear it or at least have the option, and a well-cut shag gives them that freedom." She goes on to note that the heavy curtain bang is the trademark of the classic shag, and we can't deny how stunning it is.

Glam shag with copper highlights

A shag can look punk rock and edgy or it can also look soft and sexy, like this long, layered look with a full, curtain bang. The copper highlights hit the layers just right to give this look even more movement and texture. We love how these layers can be worn up or down for a gorgeous and versatile look.

Jaw-length shag

This cut is a great way to get creative with shorter hair. By keeping the layers and the bangs long you'll get a lot of movement with this shag cut as well as that beautifully messy look that just works with this style. It's also a great way to transition from shorter to longer hair without dealing with that awkward in-between length.

Pixie shag

If you've been yearning to cut your hair short, this pixie shag just may be the style you've been looking for. Stylists and clients both love how easy and chic this look is. Celebrity hairstylist Arsen Gurgov told InStyle that what he loves most about this look is "how it frames the face and enhances the cheekbones," adding that it works best for thin or fine hair.

Side-swept bangs on a short shag

If you're unsure if you want to take the plunge and go super short, or if you're trying to grow out your previous pixie cut, this look is perfect. The longer, side-swept bangs give you length in the front while the shag cut allows the back to grow out seamlessly. The longer bangs also give you styling options by wearing them swept to the side, parted in the middle, or slicked back.

Long and wavy with curtain bangs

You don't have to sacrifice length just because you want a shag. We love how a shag works on super long hair like that pictured above. Light layers frame the face, giving movement and waves that compliments the longer layers. A heavy curtain bang, parted in the middle completes this stunning style.

The lob shag

Billie Eilish almost broke the internet when she debuted her shag haircut on Instagram last year, proving that the talented songstress is also a major beauty influencer. Eilish's hair transformation is always evolving, but we love when she rocked the lob shag, a long bob with soft, wispy ends and eyebrow-length fringe.

The straight shag

A shag will definitely give you movement and texture but not all shags need to be curly or even wavy. This straight shag with a long fringe that sits just below the eyebrows is great for anyone who doesn't have a lot of natural wave to their hair. Hair stylist Wes Sharpton explained to Allure that this look is "great for finer, smoother textured hair because it allows the hair to move without looking 'choppy.'"

The almost-shag

If you're not ready to fully commit to so many layers but love the look of a shag, this cut may be for you. This features less layering around the face but still a nice, thick curtain bang. Most traditional shags are heavily layered, but you can still get a similar carefree style with some texturizing around the face.

Curly shag with short bangs

You don't need to rock long, curtain bangs with your shag cut. We love how this cut brings out the hair's natural curl, while the shorter bangs flatter the face and create a great shape. The benefit of these shorter bangs is they will grow out nicely if you choose to change up style or still look great kept short.

Curly shag with long bangs

It's always time to embrace your curls and this shag cut shows just how easy it is with the right layers and texturizing. We love how the longer bangs are left to fall naturally in this style instead of the curtain bangs we see a lot of on modern shag cuts.

The full shag

This cut works so well for those who have a lot of hair and aren't afraid of volume. Stylist Jayne Matthews explained to Dazed the appeal of the shag saying, "The best thing about the shag is how it can be tailored to each individual face," adding, "When it grows it just gets better over time." We couldn't agree more.

Short shag with micro bangs

This is the ultimate cool girl look. A short, straight shag is accented with micro bangs to really accentuate the face and neck. The beauty of a shag haircut is how wonderfully it grows out. If you love to change up your look without visiting the salon every six weeks, this shag is a perfect cut for you.

Curly wolf cut

You've no doubt heard of the wolf cut thanks to TikTok, and this variation on the classic shag is popular because it really does look amazing on everyone. Stylist Nunzio Saviano told Allure why this new look is so popular, explaining, "I love this cut on curly, wavy, or straight hair, and the bangs can be cut to suit any face shape."

The short shag transformation

Ideal for anyone looking for a little bit less hair maintenance in their life, this short shag transformation is gorgeous. Celebrity stylist Chris McMillan created this amazing cut for actress Selma Blair, showing how he took her hair from a traditional bob to this cute and sexy shag. In an Instagram caption, McMillan writes that "minimal effort with a good cut goes a long way," proving that this is the ultimate look for those who truly want a "wash and wear" style.

Curly shag with no bangs

We tend to associate a thick, curtain bang or short, micro bangs with a shag cut, but in reality, you don't have to wear bangs for your shag cut to look amazing. This cut still frames the face and showcases these gorgeous curls without a heavy fringe overpowering the face.