The Choppy And Chic Wixie Haircut Is Remixing The Classic Pixie

With warmer months ahead, many of us are looking to take our hair to the chopping block. Shorter hair means less to lay on your neck during those hot days — and, not to mention, it is often much easier to style. Celebrities seem to have taken notice of the trend as we have seen some of our favorite Hollywood names go for the chop, such as Florence Pugh and Zendaya.

The latest trendy shortcut to hit our Instagram feeds is a winged pixie cut, also casually called the "wixie" haircut. Where the traditional pixie cut is kept slicker to the head with tighter edges, the winged pixie has shaggier features. "The length around the back and lobes is kept a bit longer and paired with shorter or even micro bangs. It is overall a bit more airy in appearance," LA hairstylist Sal Salcedo tells Glamour UK when describing the wixie cut. While the gist of the wixie cut remains the same, there are several common stylings of the cut to try out this summer.

The I woke up like this wixie

If you are looking for a more casual look, consider going for an even more choppy wixie cut. The more choppy the cut, the more the ends wisp in different directions for the ultimate "I woke up like this" effect. This wixie style also tends to be longer with more prominent face-framing bangs.

Wavy wixie

The wavy wixie is a great style for both formal events and everyday life. If you have natural waves this look can be easy to achieve with your regular mousse and plopping routine — or you can use a curling wand to create small waves throughout the head if you have naturally straight hair.

Wet wixie

Whether you are fresh out of the shower or just want to look the part, a wet wixie is a great option. It also can be great for styling with gel. Whether you are a naturally curly girl or have straight strands, style with gel while damp and then have the wet and styled look for the rest of the day.

Sleek and styled wixie cut

If you are a glam girl at heart, you may prefer to have a chic cut that is sleek and styled on the daily. Do not fear, sleek girls can still try out the wixie trend. To get the look, the hair is often left a bit longer around the head while being straightened and curled under at the end, specifically to frame the face. The ends are still technically "wisped," as they curl under.

Poppin' bangs wixie

While most wixie cuts feature bangs, some are more prominent than others. More often than not, wixie cuts that feature bangs feature mini bangs. These are cut an inch or two above the eyebrow and make a huge statement. They are a great way to add something even more eye-catching to the trendy wixie.

Party in the back wixie

Some people choose to leave their wixie longer in the back, leading the back pieces to be the ones to wisp out. The style is similar to the popular mullet from the '80s and '90s. While the look often looks like a standard pixie cut in the front, it is a full on wixie party in the back!

Accessorized Wixie

Just because your hair is shorter does not mean it has to lack accessories. Bows, butterfly clips, and headbands galore are great additions to the look. Take it from actress Rowan Blanchard, who showcased her trendy wixie cut on Instagram – complete with a blue bow for a fun added touch.

Dyed wixie

If you want to take a bold risk with your wixie cut, consider getting highlights, balayage, or even a full dye-job along with the chop. This will bring a new dimension to the look. Hairworld Salon shared a client's recent pink wixie cut to their Instagram, showcasing that color really can make all the difference.