TikTok's Hair Headband Hack Couldn't Be Easier To Recreate

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Hair and makeup hacks are all the rage on social media, and any time a trick goes viral or becomes a big trend, it means tutorials aren't far behind. People are always looking for new and inventive ways to style their hair, and if it adds a romantic and chic flair, all the better. Recent posts have followers going nuts for the easy and classic "hair headband" style. Not only is it simple to achieve, but it looks timeless and clean, meaning you can wear it for any occasion. The best part might be that anyone can try it, opening this trend up to those with thin, thick, wavy, straight, or any hair type in between.


If you've been looking for a chic style to wear to work or out on a date, the hair headband is your new BFF. It only requires a couple of tools, and you can complete the look in seconds. Headbands stretch back to Ancient Greece when people would adorn their hair with wreaths. In the present day, these accessories are still as popular and flattering as they were back then, and now you only need your own locks to achieve the cutest trend around. If you're ready to give it a try, you won't regret the impeccable results!

How to get the look

In order to get this fashionable finish, you'll want to have a curling iron and a hair tie nearby. Clean, dry locks are going to be best for attempting this style, so make sure to blow dry wet or damp hair before beginning to curl it. Opt for long, loose curls that roll away from the face. Picking a barrel that measures 1 1/2 to 2 inches will give you elegant waves that aren't too tight for this trend. Once you finish with the iron, part your hair down the middle and separate an inch from the front on each side. Use a clip or hair tie to hold the remaining hair at the back while you work on the headband.


Separate two thin strands of hair from the section of the hair you left out of the clip or tie. These will be pulled forward as an accent that sits over the hair headband, and give an early naughties vibe that is both playful and soft. Once the two slimmer strands have been pulled forward, grasp the remaining hair that is hanging down, smooth it with a shine oil, then tuck it behind your ears. Continue pulling these sections behind your head to the base of your neck (below the clip holding your hair) and tie both sides together in a low ponytail. Make sure it is tight enough to lay flat against the front of your face and head.

Tips for perfecting the trend

Once your front inches are secure, let down the back portion of your hair and tease or brush the strands to your preference. The end result should be a flat front with two accent pieces pulled over the top, and soft curls that cascade down around the hair headband. This look is reminiscent of a large headband that allows your volume to flow over it, or styles that feature bobby pins holding face-framing pieces back so your crown locks can overlap them. The front should look sleek and lean toward a slicked finish so that you have dimension from your face to the back of your head.


The biggest perk of this trend is that the low ponytail that sits underneath your locks is invisible but will hold the flattened pieces tight to keep the headband in place as long as you need. The result is feminine, chic, and timeless without requiring a lot of effort or fuss. For anyone who gets frustrated trying to conquer wearing their hair down, this is an easy answer that will keep it away from your face without looking severe. The best hair ties for this look are going to be smaller ones, so try Goody Ouchless Elastics or similar products. Smoothing products like Color WOW Dreamcoat will keep your headband sleek and smooth for the duration of the style, too.