The Mullet Is Getting A Shaggy New Remix In 2023

For years, the mullet has been a haircut to stay away from. Appearing first in the 1960s on the rockstars of the time, the mullet quickly made its way into the mainstream. Since then, it's had many iterations and has been the go-to style for many people, both famous and not. Decades past have hosted debates on whether the mullet was stylish or laughable. But right now, mullets are cool again.

Mullets have never lost popularity in many of the edgier and alternative subcultures and this might be the driving force behind what's making them stylish again in 2023. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Rhianna, and Billie Eilish have all rocked a mullet and have proved that the style can look chic. Bumble and bumble global educator Randy Shamma tells The Zoe Report that a mix between a shag and a mullet is going to be a style to rock this year. Effortlessly cool and scruffy in all the right ways, the modern mullet might be your next cut.

Long and shaggy

If you're not ready to go full mullet, then a wolf cut might be right for you. This hairstyle combines a mullet and shag, editorial hairstylist Neil Moodie tells Stylist. "A wolf haircut is a mix of the shag haircut and a mullet, but generally created on longer hair," Moodie explains. "It has shorter choppy layers on the top and longer choppy layers around the sides and back." The layers add an edge, but it's not as blunt or extreme as a traditional mullet, so it's a great entrance into mullet-esque cuts.

All in the bangs

Shorter hair in the front and longer in the back is what defines a mullet. But you don't have to cut the entire front portion of your hair short to achieve the look. Short and blunt bangs can give you an edgy cut. Add shorter, face-framing layers on the sides and leave the length through the rest of your hair. The face-framing helps create a soft transition into shorter hair.

Shape up your curls

Curly hair is the perfect contender for a mullet-like style. Because of your curls, you can make leave a little more length on top so your hair can do its thing, but you can still show off a stark difference between the front and back of your hair. Allow your curls to tumble over your forehead to create a curly bang.

Wavy with length

A traditional mullet cut with long wavy hair adds a romantic touch to the edgy style. Opt for deep front fringe and curtain bangs for the edgy side of the look. In the back, leave your hair long with soft layers and loose waves to add a little femininity to the look. But the layers still add a bit of shagginess. This mullet is best for blending two seemingly opposite styles.

Mullet bob

All the shag but none of the length, the mullet bob is a great option for anyone with shorter hair. The bob length hits right above the shoulder, while the front and top of the style feature short, blunt cuts. The key to achieving this haircut is the choppy layers throughout, which gives the style its shaggy look. A little bit of a wave or texture will help give shape to this hairstyle.

Choppy colored mullet

For even more texture, choose choppy cuts throughout the mullet. It creates the shagginess most people are looking for when they get this shaggy cut. Plus, dying your hair to a vibrant color makes the look stand out even more. The bright red of this cut above brings a bit of fun to the look but other extreme colors like fashion shades and bleach blonde pair well with a mullet.