Beauty ‘It’ Girls Reveal How They Prep Their Skin For Winter

winter skin

If you’re anything like us, your skin is probably already drying out like crazy…and winter is still weeks away. So, we asked editors, bloggers, and founders to share their insider skin-saving secrets. Spoiler alert: It goes way beyond just moisturizing. Keep scrolling to see what keeps them fresh faced and glowing all season long.

April Franzino, beauty director of Good Housekeeping, Woman’s Day, and Prevention

“I have dry skin all year long, so when it starts to get cold and the air is drier, I double down on the most moisturizing products I can find. I incorporate rich balm and oil textures into every step of my routine, from body balms to oil body washes to facial cleansing and moisturizing balms and oils. They help replenish lost moisture and form a barrier that seals it into skin, especially when layered with other products. Their emollience relieves that uncomfortable feeling you can get from extremely dry skin, and makes what could be flaky, dull skin instantly look healthy and glow-y again.”

Sheryl George, head of copy and content at Beautyblender

“I typically switch to a thicker cream come winter, and layer it with a hyaluronic acid serum, like the SkinMedica HA5, to really hydrate my skin. Then I top that off with a moisturizing facial mist. My legs tend to get really scaly, so I also like to apply a body oil spray as soon as I get out of the shower.”

Cori Zeichner, blogger at The DermWife

“I’ve been using retinol for years, but as the weather gets colder, it can be challenging to use. To avoid dryness and irritation, I mix retinol with my nighttime moisturizer. I find that by diluting the concentration of the retinol, I can continue to use it during the winter without irritation. On my body, I like to apply my moisturizer right after getting out of the shower. I also keep the bathroom door closed to trap the steam and raise the humidity in the bathroom, so the moisturizer can work better.”

Sara Brooks, founder and CEO of Covet PR

“Even though I live in Southern California, my skin can still get dry in the winter, especially if I don’t think ahead. To prep my face, I like to use an ultra-hydrating mask, like bioClarity’s Glow Getter Masque, for a quick pick-me-up. This one hydrates with coconut while simultaneously detoxifying with bentonite clay. Your lips are usually the first sign of dehydration, so I also make sure to always have a Kopari Lip Glossy in my bag to keep my lips nourished at all times.”

Amber Katz, founder of

“I love dry brushing my skin a couple of times per week — it stimulates the lymphatic system and exfoliates. I also use the Tan-Luxe Glyco Water as an extra exfoliator for body. For my face, it’s all about using the Susanne Kaufmann Moisture Mask three times per week. It takes years off my face instantly, with effects that last a couple of days.”

Meg Young Cotter, founder of beauty PR firm Meg Young Media Group

“I up my use of retinols and exfoliate more during the winter to repair the damage from all of the extra sun exposure from the summer. For an easy way to get extra hydration during the cooler months, I like to add a couple drops of Lancer Skincare Omega Oil to my moisturizer AM and PM.”

Chelsea Burns, social media editor at Beautycounter

“I find that in the winter even my products get really cold and don’t smooth on or blend in as nicely as they do in the summer. One morning I was in a rush and didn’t have time to warm up my tinted moisturizer and cream blush in my hands, so I stuck them in front of my bathroom space heater for a few seconds and it worked like magic. Once I’ve applied my makeup, I warm my hands in front of the heater, then press them into my face to help set it and give it a more lived-in finish.”