11 Sheet Masks That Will Enhance Your Skin—And Your Selfie Game

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What's not to love about a sheet mask? In a speedy 10-minute session, you can boost your skin's appearance. And these days, it's not even just the skin on your face! There are masks for your décolletage, underarms, feet, and even your butt (more on those later). Not to mention the targeted masks for delicate areas of the face, like the lips and eyes.

But whereas sheet masks once looked like they belonged in a horror film, they now come in increasingly Instagram-worthy iterations. From star cutouts and gold foil to bubbling formulas, there's a face mask selfie moment no matter your style or skin type. So, whether you choose to mask solo or with your friends for girls night in, have your camera (and caption!) ready — these sheet masks are designed to be shown off.

1 Bliss Hangover Fix ($4; target.com)

Had a little too much fun last night? There's a mask for that. The “Hangover Fix” mask is designed to replenish dehydrated, tired complexions with skin barrier-strengthening probiotics, vitamin- and mineral-rich pear extract, and revitalizing electrolytes. The holographic mask with it's star-shaped eye cutouts will leave you looking selfie-ready even when you're not feeling it.

2 Bawdy Butt Mask ($9; credobeauty.com)

Based on the belief that for all the beauty indulgences we partake in, our butts were being neglected, Sylwia Wiesenberg (a trainer/entrepreneur) founded Bawdy — the maker of the world's first butt sheet masks. Shake It is infused with gold dust to leave your butt legit glowing and marine algae to firm skin.

3 Pacifica Heart Chakra Décolletage Targeted Body Sheet Mask ($5; ulta.com)

Need some true me-time? Use this Heart Chakra Décolletage mask to really check in with yourself. Whether you skew woo-woo or not, we can all use a moment of peace and quiet. And this often neglected area could use some TLC, too. With rice protein, ginseng, hyaluronic acid, and lavender, this mask nourishes and hydrates the “skin on your chest and your beautiful heart.”

4 Petite Amie Chillin' Masque ($8; petiteamieskincare.com)

Here's a fun way to look like the chill sunglasses emoji while calming your skin all at once. Active ingredients like antioxidant-rich niacinamide, skincare's ultimate multitasker, work to protect skin against environmental factors. Matsutake mushroom evens out tone and chamomilla flower extract soothes.

5 Glamglow Cool Sheet No-Drip Hydrating Sheet Mask ($14; sephora.com)

This sheet mask is extra in all the right ways, from its hot pink, star-bedecked design to the fact that it ices your face for an ultra-refreshing feel. The star here is good ol' hydrating glycerin, a humectant ingredient (meaning it helps the skin retain moisture).

6 Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks ($25/set of six; nordstrom.com)

These award-winning undereye masks treat delicate eyes to the TLC they need with a triad of layers and a plethora of powerful ingredients. The mask itself is comprised of three layers: gold foil which retains heat, locks in and increases serum absorption; the middle layer is made of slip-proof elastic; and finally a cellulose fiber to deliver key ingredients. In those materials, you get hyaluronic acid to for intense hydration, aloe and lavender oil to calm, soothe, and cool, and Peruvian Camu Camu extract rich in brightening vitamin C. The gold hue is just the glam cherry on top.

7 Starskin The Gold Mask Foot VIP Foil Mask Socks ($14; nordstrom.com)

Give your tired feet the luxurious treatment they deserve with these ultra-nourishing, softening gold booties. Beta-glucan is a skin-soothing, hydration-locking antioxidant, rosehip oil is antioxidant-rich and promotes skin regeneration, and shea butter is, of course, richly nourishing with high amounts of vitamins A and E. The gold foil gives a warming effect so you can truly bring the spa home.

8 Masque Bar Anti-Acne Pretty Animalz Unicorn Sheet Mask ($4; target.com)

The Masque Bar serum-soaked, cotton fiber masks come in a variety of fun creatures, like sloths, sharks, llamas, and the unicorn pictured here. This one is formulated specifically for acne-prone types, with anti-inflammatory honeysuckle to treat acne and irritation, brightening kiwi and grapefruit to lighten spots, and hydrating plant extracts.

9 Patchology x Kim Chi Sheet Mask ($8; patchology.com)

The drama of drag glam in a sheet mask? Say no more. You need Patchology's collaboration with Kim Chi. This cooling, hydrating sheet mask is full of hyaluronic acid and natto gum, which helps improve elasticity. Your selfies will be next level.

10 Sephora Collection SUPERMASK The Bubble Mask ($6; sephora.com)

When you first apply this mask, it looks like the most standard white t-shirt of sheet masks. But then, over the course of the 15 minutes you leave it on, it fizzes and bubbles up. Detoxifying spirulina helps skin with concerns and acne, blemishes, and pores. It’s super satisfying and makes for a great Boomerang.

11 Yes to Grapefruit Vitamin C Glow-Boosting 2-Step Unicorn Lip Kit ($3.99; ulta.com)

This two-step lip mask starts with a pink, vitamin C-boosted scrub but the selfie magic lies in the second step — an iridescent lip mask that hydrates with grapefruit and hyaluronic acid.

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