These Colored Pencil Nails Are Crazy, But Also Kind Of Cool

colored pencil nails

Another day, another crazy nail art design. Colored pencil nails recently went viral, and this might be one of the craftiest looks we’ve seen yet. Why? Well, we’re so glad you asked. They aren’t just for show — they actually work like color pencils!

The design was created by a technician at Nail Sunny, a nail art salon in Russia. Here, they’ve crafted a number of intricate three-dimensional looks, from high-heels to blinking eyes to nipples to mosquito nails. Seriously, try not to get lost in a state of awe while scrolling through their Instagram (which, btw, has over a million followers). These technicians have serious skills.

A time lapse video also uploaded by Nail Sunny shows how to create the colored pencil design, should you be adept. Each nail is first shaped with clear acrylic, a mix of liquid and powder polymers that harden when exposed to air, for added length and thickness. Next, the nail technician paints each nail with colorful polish (blue, yellow, red, and green) before using darker and lighter shades to create dimension. She finishes by painting a tan polish on the tip of nails to mimic the wooden part of the pencil. The nails are then placed under a UV nail dryer to set.

But she doesn’t stop there… the nail technician then shaves actual colored pencils until she reaches the colored lead and glue a piece under the tip of each corresponding nail. Voila! School/office supplies at your fingertips. Even though they aren’t exactly practical or easy to replicate, this just goes to show how talented nail artists really are, as one person reminds us in the comments, writing, “it's not meant to be pretty, it's meant to show their talent and creativity.”

Now, all we need is nail art that doubles as utensils. A fork and knife, chopsticks maybe?