A Halloween Nail Art Design You Won’t Be Scared To DIY

halloween nail art

Whether you’re the type to go all out at a costume party or prefer a more subtle approach, nail art is a creative way to get involved this season. Mia Rubie is a nail expert who works at Sparkle San Francisco, and for the holidays, she loves jazzing up her nails with a festive design. Here, she shows us how to get a cute Halloween-themed nail design that’s so easy you can recreate it at home. Whether you’ve chosen a spooky costume, a pop culture costume, or no costume at all, grab some polish and complete your look. Check out what you need below, then follow along with Rubie in the video above.

Halloween Nail Art

What you’ll need:

  • Orange nail polish
  • White nail polish
  • Yellow nail polish
  • Black nail polish
  • Transparent silver sparkly nail polish
  • Clear top coat

Get the look:

  1. Apply the orange nail polish to your pinky finger, middle finger, and thumb, then paint your two remaining fingernails with white polish.
  2. Once your nails have dried, start by decorating your ring fingers and pointer fingers to resemble candy corn. Using horizontal stripes, paint the bottom third of your nail with the yellow nail polish and middle third with the orange.
  3. On your middle finger, use a black nail polish to paint two eyes, a triangle nose, and black smile. Let dry and then add white highlights around the eyes and nose. Finally, using a very thin brush, draw some white teeth onto the smile.
  4. With a thin brush and the black polish, paint 2-4 small crosses on your pinky nail. Simply draw a thin vertical line and cross it with a smaller horizontal line to make the cross.
  5. On your thumb, drop dots of black nail polish to make a polka dot design.
  6. Once your nails have dried completely, apply the transparent sparkly silver nail polish on your candy corn nails. Finish by painting each nail with a clear top, and your Halloween nail art should last up to two weeks.