Hilary Duff Shares Her ‘Dirty Little Secret’ For Youthful Skin

hilary duff

Hilary Duff has been in the spotlight since she was a child, so it's safe to say the the 31-year-old actress has learned her fair share of beauty secrets while sitting in hair and makeup chairs over the years. We've watched her go from Disney sensation to singer to primetime television actress back to Disney sensation, all without skipping a beauty beat. She must be onto something, right?

In a recent interview with Glamour, Duff shared the beauty secrets that keep her looking Younger (get it?) — and one step in her routine really stands out. She shaves her nose! “I’m lucky enough to work with so many amazing makeup artists that I’ve learned a lot of tips and tricks when I get to have a little more time,” she said. “I have this dirty little secret that I love to shave my nose. It takes me, like, two seconds. I love the way [my skin] looks with it way more than without it.”

Duff is likely referring to dermaplaning, a technique that involves using a scalpel or single-blade razor to remove peach fuzz on the face and gently exfoliate the skin’s surface. Estheticians started incorporating it into facials a few years ago, and it has since skyrocketed in popularity, with at-home devices available online and in beauty supply stores.

Not only does dermaplaning nix fuzz and improve skin texture, but it also removes dulling dead skin cells to reveal the brighter, healthier layer beneath. What’s more, doing it regularly keeps those dead skin cells from clogging your pores and causing blemishes or blackheads. After a treatment, you’ll find that your face feels soft and your makeup blends more evenly. (And, no, those baby hairs will not grow in thicker, darker or longer.)

Aside from shaving her face, the rest of Duff’s beauty routine is pretty standard, though she notes that it has become more streamlined over the years. “My routine has gotten so short, I can literally do my hair and makeup in 10 minutes,” she said, adding that she likes to be “dewy and glowy” and that she “lives for a big brow.”

As for skin care? It’s all about sticking to her routine, no matter how tight her schedule is. “As tired as I am at the end of the day, I really try to wash my face and stick to a regimen… I love oils and serums and stuff like that. I think just sticking to a regimen and taking care of your skin before you go to bed from wherever you’ve been that day, or whatever dirt is on your face—I try to get that nice and clean before I go to bed.”

This is all pretty solid advice. Cleansing your skin of dirt and debris and protecting it from the sun are two of the best ways to stay younger-looking longer.

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