Kourtney Kardashian Launches Her New Lifestyle Site, ‘Poosh’

Kourtney Kardashian

Between Kim's contouring skills and Kylie's lip kit empire, the Kardashians have long solidified themselves as glam experts. It seems like every time we open Instagram, there's another image of one of the famous sisters decked out in falsies and flawlessly full-coverage foundation. And though they look completely incredible, eldest sister Kourtney has decided to pave her own way as the Kardashian queen of natural beauty and wellness.

Her highly-anticipated lifestyle website Poosh (named after her daughter Penelope's nickname) launched yesterday, and it's not exactly what we expected from the nearly-naked teaser she posted back in March. The site advertises itself as “the modern guide to living your best life” and promises to steer clear of preachy content. What it doesn't steer clear of? Pricey product recommendations. The “About” section of the site reads:

“We get you, and we’re here to give you all the sweet treats that your heart (and body) desire. From non-toxic beauty alternatives to tips for multitasking moms, healthy recipes that don’t skimp on taste to home decor ideas for every budget, Kourtney-approved workout hacks to stylish sartorial options for date night, girls’ night, and everything in between.”

The site is said to be a “place of discovery,” and takes a natural-ish approach to living. “It’s all about choices, and if you opt for skin and hygiene products that are free of harmful chemicals, it leads to a cleaner and overall healthier way of living,” Kourtney writes.

In one article, titled “How to Look Good Naked,” she suggests using over $1500 worth of products. She also recommends using a $1,600 infrared amethyst mat to relax, candles to hide cellulite, a $1,390 garbage can for, yes, trash, and organic sheets for better sleep. Sound familiar? That's because it's a lot Goop — uniformed though arguably less dangerous.

Kourtney has shared plenty of lifestyle tips in the past, so the venture comes as no surprise, especially considering the sisters recently folded their apps. It seems that Poosh will now be Kourtney's outlet for all things wellness and beauty, and we curious to see where this goes.