Ombré Brows: The Eyebrow Trend That Is Actually Worth Trying

ombre brows

Photo: istockphoto

When it comes to eyebrows, viral social media trends continue to dominate with halo brows and even ponytails making their debut–but when it comes to our brows, we're way more focused on a fuller, more natural looking approach–and it isn't always easy, especially if you've spent years committed to plucking and dying. Enter ombré brows. The latest in semi-permanent makeup, the procedure combines both microblading and permanent makeup to achieve a lasting result, (and it's a trend that's actually worth trying).

Browologist and hair removal expert Hibba Kapil of Hibba Beauty NYCexplained the process to us–and why it's a more realistic approach to grooming compared to the hair-raising viral trends that continue to pop up on our Instagram feed. “Ombré brows are done with a combination of microblading and permanent makeup. I love both techniques together because the results are very natural and slightly more long-lasting,” she explained.

While crazy brows may dominate social media, they aren't very practical. “Trends in brows come and go. It’s fun for a quick picture, but no one is going to work with bow brows,” Kapil said.

When it comes to ombré brows, anyone who spends their morning filling in their eyebrows is a prime candidate for the procedure, especially if they have gaps or scars. One session can achieve desired results and the look will last approximately 18 months.

“It can take about 30 minutes to create tinted ombré brows and two hours for a more permanent microblading and pmu approach,” she explained.

The result? A more natural-looking, fuller brow that won't need to be filled in on a daily basis–now that's a look we can certainly support.