5 Skin Care Tricks Celebrity Makeup Artists Swear By For a Flawless Face

Photo: SolisImages/iStock Images by Getty

Ever wonder how celebrities bounce from red-eye to red carpet without looking like a complete zombie? I stay up too late, let alone spend a restless night on plane with recirculated air, and my under-eye bags prove too challenging for even the heaviest-duty concealers. Not to mention the dull, dry complexion I’m often met with in the mirror. As it turns out, celebrity makeup artists have a host of skin care tricks and a stash of products they use before they even start applying makeup. Below learn how to prep your palette for the perfect finish.

Forget face wash

“My most surprising skin tip would be to take a cue from the French and stop washing your face. Traditional cleanser can be so drying, so switch to a micellar water,” says celebrity makeup artist Amy Nadine. “I use it with a cotton square to remove all traces of dirt or old makeup. It provides a thorough cleanse and doesn’t require a rinse before starting makeup application.”

Smooth over skin

“Exfoliate! Makeup looks more like skin when it's applied to a smooth, flake-free surface,” says celebrity makeup artist Suzy Gerstein. “I’ll either apply May Lindstrom The Clean Dirt mixed with a couple of drops of water, which makes a decadent soufflé, or The Honey Mud when skin is sensitive or dry. I gently scrub skin using circular motions, rinse, and then apply moisturizer while skin is still damp for better absorption.”

Apply Minimal Moisturizer

“My personal trick is to apply just a little moisturizer under makeup. The oils can breakdown foundation and cause excess shine. I apply moisturizer under the eye for a smooth concealer application and minimal to the rest of the face,” says makeup artist Brian Duprey.

Use a cold compress on eyes

“If I don’t have my ice roller or jade roller on me, I will grab a teaspoon and gently compress the smooth scoop under the eye area. Even at room temperature, the metal spoon is surprisingly cool and effective at reducing any puffiness,” says celebrity makeup artist Jo Baker. “It refreshes the whole eye area very quickly!”

Or, mask your sleepiness

“I always use eye treatment masks when applying makeup,” says celebrity makeup artist Justin Tyme. “My favorite are the Knesko Nanogold Eye Repair. They provide immense hydration and a wonderful smoothing effect under the eye. Plus, they also catch any eye makeup that may fall during application.”