The ‘Lion Mane’ Brow Trend Will Make You Want To Cancel Your Next Wax Appointment

lion mane brows

From crown brows to halo brows, it seems like there are always new eyebrow trends being born on Instagram. While a lot of them are absurdly unwearable, one of the latest looks is pretty easy to pull off — and surprisingly flattering. Commonly called “lion mane” brows, this trend takes the overgrown brow we've been seeing to an untamed territory.

Unlike other high-fashion trends, lion mane brows require no tweezing, waxing or shaping whatsoever. To get the full, fluffy effect, you actually allow your brows to grow in naturally, embracing the little hairs that pop up in places you would have once been inclined to pluck, including those strays underneath your arches.

Though the look requires little effort on the grooming front, you may want to consider using products that help create a fuller finish, especially if you're still in the process of growing yours in. Makeup artist and Instagram beauty guru Katie Jane Hughes famously uses Ardell's Stroke a Brow Feathering Pen to create her wispy, perfectly unkempt brows. Hughes described the product as “eyeliner for your eyebrows.” She added: “It’s just so good at flicking on little hairs on your eyebrows.”

To start, brush your brows up with a spoolie brush, then use the pen to fill in any sparse spots with tiny, hair-like strokes. Just be sure you don't create any sharp lines or symmetry. The result should look natural, not necessarily balanced. If your brows are already bushy to begin with, simply brush them into place with a defining gel or wax, such as Glossier's cult-favorite Boy Brow or Benefit's Gimme Brow. Super simple, right?

Scroll on for more lion mane brows. But be warned: You may be swayed to toss your tweezers.

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