Tie-Dye Nail Art Is The Ultimate Throwback Trend Of Summer

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Tie-dye has emerged to become one of the biggest trends this season. The nostalgic camp attire is cropping up on runway models and fashion influencers alike, with everything from the bright rainbow colors we remember dearly to more subtle interpretations.

An now, nail artists and enthusiasts are gaining inspo from the growing trend. It's easy to see why, too: There are endless colors and patterns to play with, and what better time to experiment with bright nails than summer?

Keep scrolling for a handful of takes on tie-dye nails, then go ahead and get a little crafty.

Michelle Lee, editor-in-chief of Allure and self-proclaimed nail enthusiast, shared this shot of a nail design from artist Katie Masters (aka @nailthoughts). The colors are simple, but the technique she uses is super mesmerizing, creating the butterfly-like effect.


Here's a more traditional take on the trend.

Kylie Jenner recently shared her tie-dye mani, using cotton-candy-like colors to create more of a watercolor look.


For those who feel that a whole hand of tie-dye nails is a bit over the top, I present to you: the accent nail.

Here's another great example of the accent nail, as demonstrated by Gigi Hadid, keeping the concentration on the ring finger.

Or, you can play around with patterns and do multiple designs on each hand.

We also love how tie-dye looks when painted just at the tips.

There are tons of techniques to create tie-dye nails at home. One of the easier ways to get the look is using nail stickers, as seen in the tutorial above.

Another popular technique is to mix polishes together in a jar with water, then dip in fingers to create designs.

This kind of look definitely requires patience and attention to detail, but the end result is totally worth it.

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