7 Gorgeous Makeup Trends You’ll Want To Try This Year

makeup trends

The best thing about makeup? You can never get bored with it, since there are always new trends and techniques being born. And while runways and red carpets have long been a mainstay of makeup inspiration, social media is continuing to supersede this influence, giving makeup artists the unique opportunity to create cool looks with more impressions. “Makeup trends are now created by popular demand and through the amount of ‘likes’ you get on your posts,” says Shira Aaron, a New York City-based celebrity makeup artist. With a myriad of trends and products hitting the social media scene before permeating the beauty world, 2018 shaped up to be a fun year for cosmetics — and we have even higher expectations for what 2019 will bring. From glitter to gloss and color galore, here are the makeup trends you can expect in the year ahead. What you won’t see? Unicorn anything (thankfully).

makeup trends

Skin that looks like, well, actual skin

Continuing from the trend we’ve season in seasons past, glowing skin is in — but now with a more natural approach. “Heavy contours and highlights are out, and bronzers and cream blushes are our new go-to for making the face look softer, younger, and more radiant,” says two-time Emmy-nominated celebrity makeup artist, Dee Dee Marcelli. “Although contouring started with good intentions, I’m not sad to see a more natural look take front and center.” To get this effect, we recommend starting with a lightweight foundation so that your natural skin peeks through, then softly sweeping bronzer up your cheekbones. Finish by blending a cream blush onto the apples.

makeup trends

Fluffy, feathered brows

Much to the satisfaction of most makeup professionals, the product-heavy “Instagram brow” has run its course. “We’re thankfully starting to see women embracing a softer approach to their brow game,” says makeup artist Jessika Bekteshi. To pull off this look, she recommends using a brow gel like Glossier Boy Brow ($16; glossier.com) to brush your inner brows upward. Then, while working your way out to the corners, start brushing the hairs in their natural direction. “You can also use a micro brow pencil to softly fill in areas where needed, making sure to be light-handed with your strokes,” she adds.

Standout pouts

While the nude lip isn’t going away anytime soon, bright and bold lip colors are back, says makeup artist Hillary Kline. The best part? This is one of the easiest trends to pull off. “On my laziest of days, I swipe on a brightly colored lip color, apply a little mascara to open up my eye area, and boom — ready to seize the day!” she says. “When you go for a super bold lip, just make sure that the rest of your makeup is minimal, keeping the lip the focal point.” As for what colors to choose? For spring and summer, think hot pink and coral (which, ICYMI, is the color of year); when the temperature starts to drop, opt for purple and red.

makeup trends

Grown-up glitter

All the greatest runway shows this season went with some form of glitter eye makeup, and it was most recently seen on stars like Emma Stone and Thandie Newton at the Golden Globes. With that said, super-shimmery shadow is going to be everywhere this year, and thanks to advanced formulations, it has more of an adult appeal, says Los Angeles-based makeup artist Robyn Fisher. She’s currently obsessed with Stila’s Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow ($24; sephora.com). “My favorite shade is ‘Smoldering Satin,’ a universally flattering take on a champagne bronze,” she says. “Sweep it directly onto the lid with the doe foot applicator for a pretty party vibe.”

makeup trends

Plump lips

No, we aren’t talking the kind you get with lip injections, but rather the effect you get from a plumping lip gloss. High-shine gloss makes the pout pop, and there are a bunch of brands on the market who are offering some major improvements in quality, says Kline. Her favorite: Buxom Full-On Plumping Lip Polish ($21; ulta.com), which uses a peptide complex to temporarily plump up lips. If you want to make yours look even plumper, she suggests softly outlining lips before applying gloss.

makeup trends

Electric eyeliner

As seen on Lupita Nyongo, who rocked royal blue at the Golden Globes, and Kendall Jenner with that lime green liner she flaunted recently on Instagram, electric eyeliner is having a major moment. Keep it simple by applying a precise line along the upper lash line, suggests Kline. Or, swipe a smudgeable kohl pencil under the bottom lashes for a pop of color without the need of serious skill, she says. Try the NYX Vivid Brights Eyeliner collection ($7; ulta.com).

makeup trends

Faux freckles

Freckles are on full display, thanks to likes of Meghan Markle, who insisted hers show through her makeup on her wedding day, as well as celebrities like Kesha and Christina Aguilera, who have been embracing their spots in makeup-free posts on social media. “Clients who once requested to cover up their facial freckles are now opting to flaunt them,” notes Fisher. As for those with a freckle-free face? Faking them is super simple. Fisher recommends using a brown eyeliner, such as MAC Eye Pencil in Coffee ($18; maccosmetics.com). “Start with a fresh point and stipple it across the nose and outward onto the cheeks,” she says. “Next, dull down the point of the pencil on the back of your hand or a paper towel, and gently dot a second scattered layer of larger dots.” Finish by pressing them into the skin with your fingertips, then set with a translucent powder.

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