La La Anthony’s Easy, $7 Beauty Hack For Removing Yellow Nail Stains

lala anthony nail salon yellow nails hack

Photo: SplashNews

Now that fall is here we love embracing darker nail colors and getting into the seasonal spirit…but the same can't be said for the lingering yellow tint that never seems to go away after your dark polish is long gone. Looking for a simple hack to combat unsightly yellow nails? Well, you're in luck. We spoke to La La Anthony who offered up a quick, easy, affordable hack that you probably already have in your home.

La La's go-to? Arm & Hammer Baking Soda! “It's great to use on your nails, especially if you have that yellow tint after you remove your nail polish,” she says. If you don't have it already lying around the house it'll only set you back $7. “It’s so easy, you just put it on a toothbrush and go back and forth over the nail bed and your cuticles,” La La adds. “I like to go over each nail about 20 times, back and forth, and that usually does the trick, especially as we head into fall and start wearing darker colors, like black and red.”

As you remove the tint you'll also be working to restore your nails. “Not only does it take away that color, but it’s great for restoring your cuticles,” La La adds.

The multitasking mom loves to embrace a quick and easy beauty hack, and she actually uses her baking soda for way more than just her nails. In fact, she says it's perfect for her sensitive skin. “I love to use Arm & Hammer as a body scrub. My skin is pretty sensitive and it doesn’t irritate my body,” she says. “I can also use it on my face, and it's so hard to find a scrub that you can use on both your face and your body, which is why I really love it.”