Books for Bridal Brilliance

Wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, and of course you want it to be perfect. Only so much advice can be taken from family and friends before you need a little time to yourself to clear your head and figure out what it is that YOU want, not what everyone else wants. When in need of some guidance, these bridal books will point you in the right direction, help you avoid bridezilla syndrome, and allow you to relax a bit.

Pocketbook Bride Wedding Planner: The Bridal Accessory You Can’t Live Without
by, Andrea Mattei
  Every bride-to-be needs to balance her life with the stresses of planning the perfect wedding, and what better way to keep track of everything than a planner? This plan book breaks down each step by week increments, giving suggestions on what to book and organize from months prior to the big day, to the night before you say your vows. Complete with boxes to check off and some helpful advice, this could make the bride’s life a whole lot easier!
Available at Borders, $19.95

What’s Your Bridal Style?
by, Sharon Naylor
What’s a wedding if it isn’t unique? For the bride who wants a wedding that will reflect who she really is (and who her husband-to-be is also!), this book covers everything from flowers to colors to food and invitations. Each chapter offers advice on how to find your personal style and make it show through to let everyone know that this is your wedding, not a cliché, everyday ceremony and party.
Available at Borders, $14.95 

Going Bridal: How To Get Married Without Losing Your Mind
by, Li Robbins
Bridezilla – the dreaded woman on a rampage displaying her best control freak behavior. No matter how calm and collected you may be, everyone knows they have that potential. Relax and read stories about brides who have lost their cool, and witty ways to keep calm. More like advice from a friend than a how-to book, you’ll avoid disaster and distress when your long lost friend asks why she wasn’t chosen as a bridesmaid.
Available at Barnes & Noble, $14.95

Colin Cowie Wedding Chic: 1001 Ideas for Every Moment of Your Celebration
by, Colin Cowie
Celebrity wedding designer, Colin Cowie, is revered for his stylish and extravagant weddings that are perfect to the tee. The chic bride-to-be will love this picture-filled and detailed book that shows how to make a wedding beautiful, classy, and fashionable from dresses to dinner. Even if we don’t have a Paris Hilton budget, Cowie’s 1001 ideas will spark the imagination of the bridal fashionista.
Available at Barnes & Noble, $40.00

Chicken Soup for the Bride’s Soul
by, Jack Canfield
The emotional rollercoaster of bridal life can be full of ups, downs, and surprises. Step back from hectic planning and sit down with some Chicken Soup for the Soul. Written especially for the bride, stories that will make her laugh, cry, and relax fill the pages of this nurturing escape from reality.
Available at Barnes & Noble, $14.95