Angelina Jolie And Jennifer Aniston Will Both Present At the Golden Globes

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It's been over a decade since Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston's feud over Brad Pitt was in the pages of every tabloid, but the two are still rarely seen at the same events and the topic seems to be inevitably resurrected every few years, usually by the same people who won't shut up about whether Aniston regrets not having children. However, we've all come a long way since 2005, and Jolie and Aniston will both serve as presenters at the Golden Globes this Sunday.

According to an announcement by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, first reported by E! News, the pair will appear alongside the likes of Helen Mirren and Emma Stone at the ceremony, due in part to their work as advocates of both the #MeToo movement and the new Time's Up initiative. Jolie and Pitt divorced in 2016, which may be part of the reason for burying the hatchet, but it also feels like part of a timely statement about female empowerment.

The Globes is shaping up to be an usually politically-charged event, with actresses committed to wearing all black as a statement against sexual misconduct and discrimination in the industry. The blacked-out red carpet will also raise awareness for Time's Up, an initiative backed by over 300 industry insiders that includes a comprehensive plan for ending sexual misconduct in Hollywood and elsewhere. Aniston is said to have donated $500,000 to a legal fund associated with the cause.

Jolie has been particularly outspoken about her sexist experiences in Hollywood, telling the New York Times last year: "I had a bad experience with Harvey Weinstein in my youth, and as a result, chose never to work with him again and warn others when they did."

And while we certainly didn't need another reason to tune in this Sunday, the possibility of seeing Aniston and Jolie interact (and imaging Brad Pitt somewhere cringing) is almost too exciting to bear.