Hilary Duff Has Hilarious Advice For Tired New Moms

Hilary Duff knows raising a newborn isn't easy. Since welcoming her daughter Banks in October 2018, the mom of two has been candid about motherhood. She's shared some really sweet moments, but also some tough realities, reassuring new moms that it's not always the perfect picture you see on social media. On Wednesday, Duff took to Instagram to share some new words of wisdom with followers, and her advice is hilariously relatable.

“Exhausted mom tip: when your child eats like a pig, you bathe them in the pool,” she said on her Instagram Story. The clip shows Duff wearing a leopard-print bikini while carrying her 11-month-old daughter in the pool.

Of course, Duff understands that this isn't the ideal way to clean messy babies, joking that she was “crushing it on the mom front.”

“Not every night, just a couple. Maybe a couple nights a month, this is OK. Here you go, mama. Just a quick pool bath. Take the dried hummus off,” she continued. She admitted she was tired and still had homework to finish with her 7-year-old son Luca.

Just look at that sweet face. Bathing in a baby in the pool certainly seems more reasonable after seeing how messy they get.

But for those who can't see the humor it all, allow us to remind you that Duff's daughter gets normal baths, too. She even posted photos of the two in the tub and shower together.

This is just the latest anecdote the actress has shared about being a mom of two little ones. She's also opened up about her struggles with breastfeeding, all of the sleepless nights, the tantrums, and more.

Life with a newborn has its high and low moments, but Duff assures fans it's all worth it by sharing some of the incredible joys of raising her baby girl. “It’s awesome knowing that my body gave me this amazing child and even more awesome to know she will grow up to be fierce, loving and kind!” she previously wrote on Instagram.

We sure hope Duff continues to share her relatable parenting moments and more adorable photos of her daughter.

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