Jennifer Lopez Shares The Secret To Her Success

jennifer lopez

Jennifer Lopez is at the height of her career. Hot off the premiere of the blockbuster hit, Hustlers, which has sparked Oscar buzz for what people are calling her “career-best” performance, the 50-year-old multihyphenate star announced that she will be headlining the Super Bowl 2020 halftime show with Shakira. On Thursday, she also revealed her 25th (!) perfume, further expanding her $2 billion-dollar fragrance franchise.

The secret to all her success? Keeping her promises, she says. And that's what inspired the name of her new perfume, Promise, which will hit shelves on October 9. “I was having dinner with Warren Buffett, and he told me something that really resonated with me. He said, ‘A brand is a promise,’” she explained last night at the launch event. “I just feel like everything I put out into the world has to be a promise. We all make promises to each other and ourselves. It’s really the foundation that keeps us going.”

Lopez also uses the promises she makes herself as motivation, in both her career and personal life. “I promise I’m going to get better at this, or I promise I’m never going to give up, or I promise I’m going to grow in this area of my life or be a better a person in this area of my life — when you do this, you are always challenging yourself to be better and better,” she said.

No surprise, this has worked for Lopez. Over the course of her decades-long career, she has dropped countless chart-topping songs, starred in a number of blockbuster films, landed a Las Vegas residency, created beauty collaborations, the list goes on… And the best part about it all? J.Lo owns her success. She embraces it with so much confidence, as all women should, and that couldn’t have been more apparent last night at the launch party for the Promise perfume.

Keep scrolling for more of what Jennifer Lopez had to say about her successes and what we can expect next from the mega star.

On the best advice she’s ever been given:

“My mom telling me to work hard. That if I really loved something, I had to work hard, and I think that really stayed with me. Now, it’s just kind of become my philosophy. Whenever anyone asks me what the secret to success is, I’m like, you just have to work harder than everybody else. Everybody works hard, I think. We all feel like we’re always working hard. But to reach a certain level of success, there is no denying that you have to go that extra mile. You have to push a little further. You have to think in a bigger way. You have to do a little bit more — not a little bit more, a lot more — than what the average person is willing to do. There’s sacrifice in that. But I think that is the real secret to achieving certain success for yourself or what satisfies you.”

On finding success:

“Everything I do is kind of just inspired by what I love. I feel like If you can stay in touch with that instead of trying to guess what other people are going to love. If you do what you love, certainly somebody else will respond to it as well. I always kind of just follow my gut and go with what I feel is something that excites me or something that I really love to do.”

On developing her fragrances:

“It’ll happen randomly. I’ll be walking by the staircase in my backyard on a day when it just rained, and it’s a wood staircase, and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, that’s what we have to do! This scent right here with the mix of the wet wood and the flowers and the rainy day. Can we put that in a bottle?’ Those are the things I do when it comes to fragrance, and that’s how I created all my fragrances. They’ve all been inspired by some beautiful candle I’ve smelled or some beautiful moment of walking by nature.”

On preparing for her role in Hustlers:

“When you’re my age, it’s like, what are you doing? Your body is like, what are doing? But it’s not that I’m not athletic. I was in shape, but I knew I had to get in better shape the minute I decided to do Hustlers. We were supposed to film it the summer before, in August, and we wound up filming it in April. So I had actually a nice ramp up time once the movie moved to get myself in really great physical shape and build a little bit of strength with weights.

And then once I did that, it was learning how to do the pole, and that was the hardest part. In your mind you think, I’m going to learn how to pole dance. That’s so sexy. It’s going to be so fun. And then the reality of that steel pipe against your bones and trying to hold on with your inner thighs, you know, is not fun. But once you kind of get a few moves down, you actually do feel really awesome. You’re like, I’m really spinning, I’m flying up here! But it took a minute and there was a lot of bruising. I kept asking my teacher, like, ‘Is this normal?’ and she was like, ‘Yes.’

In the end, it was really necessary for the character because she was supposed to be the best performer at the club, and she was older so she had been doing this all her life, since she was 18 years old let’s say. So, it just had to look like second nature. I just had to pull off, you know, a few minutes of looking like I was the sh*t at pole dancing.”

[Editor note: She was the sh*t at pole dancing.]

On her upcoming Super Bowl halftime performance:

“I love performing, and I’m super excited. We had an amazing tour this summer, so I feel really in shape for show right now. It’s a huge platform, a big stage to perform on, one of the biggest shows of year. Every artist dreams of doing it, and I’m so excited that they picked two strong women, who are also Latinas. I think they really wanted to make a statement with that, and I am happy to be part of that movement of inclusivity and diversity and embracing women.”

On what’s next for her:

“I haven’t directed my first film, and I think that’s coming soon. That’s something that over the years, working on so many films, you start almost codirecting with people. And I’ve been producing now for maybe 10 years, so I think it’s a natural next step and something I haven’t done. I directed a music video last year for the first time, and so I think it’s something I will wind up doing sometime soon.”

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