Oops! The Royal Family May Have Accidentally Revealed Meghan Markle’s Baby Name

Meghan Markle

As Meghan Markle's due date rapidly approaches, predictions surrounding the new royal baby are swirling like crazy. The official royal website has only added more fuel to the fire with what some are calling a massive flub.

U.K. publication The Express discovered something fishy that just might be a major clue. A little background info first: The royal website (Royal.uk) hosts official pages for major royal family members (kids included). For example, Princess Charlotte’s page has the URL Royal.uk/Princess-Charlotte. Apparently, through a painstaking series of trial an error, The Express came to realize that similar URLs for potential royal baby names Arthur, James, and Alexander have been created — well, sort of.

The URLs Royal.uk/Prince-Arthur, Royal.uk/Prince-James, and Royal.uk/Prince-Alexander reroute to the main website, which might imply they've been reserved by the royal family for a new member, leaving fans to believe that the Duke and Duchess are having a boy and have narrowed his name down to Arthur, James or Alexander.

But the palace has been quick to shut down the speculation, telling Yahoo UK, “A large number of search term redirects were set up some time ago on Royal.uk. This was in order to improve user experience. For guidance, you will note that other names preceded by ‘prince’ or ‘princess’ produce the same result.”


It's tough to decipher whether or not this is true, but either way, royal fans won't have to keep waiting much longer. Meghan Markle is said to be due any day now, so all will be revealed soon.