Swimsuit Model Emily Ratajkowski Shuts Down Body Shamers After Posting Bikini Picture

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Emily Ratajkowski


Emily Ratajkowski isn't here for body shamers. The swimsuit model recently shared a cheeky photo of herself and friend Caitlin King sporting suits from her new swimwear brand, Inamorata, and the Internet trolls were waiting.

The Instagram post shows the two friends lounging on beach towels while sipping Coronas. Aside from the jealously it causes as we sit at our desks, there’s nothing unusual about the photo. A couple of girls enjoying a beach day – what’s not to heart?

Well, sadly, it didn’t take long for people to attack, leaving uncalled for comments about King’s body. For obvious reasons, we aren’t going to repeat what any of these body-shamers had to say, but as you can imagine, the comment section got ugly -- fast.

Some followers even criticized Ratajkowski for subjecting her friend to body shamers to begin with. “Why would she subject her friend to this humiliation and online bullying by posting this?” one person questioned in the comments section. Another accused her of body comparison: “You specifically posted a photo so that it was clear your body is better than the body of your friend.” First of all, who’s to say King feels subjected to anything? She seems perfectly proud of her body, as she should, and likely gave a big thumbs up before the photo was posted to the ‘gram – that’s just standard girl code. “Her friend is comfortable posting photos of her body, look at her Instagram and you’ll see swimsuit photos of them there too,” one fan wrote in Ratajkowski’s defense. “It’s okay for women to [be] comfortable with their bodies.”

Emily Ratajkowski


After seeing all the negativity, Ratajkowski took to Instagram Stories to shut down her haters. “I love my friend’s body and both her and I think she looks great here and that this is a very cute pic… I’m so proud she wears my suits. Different bodies are beautiful and I hope ya’ll learn that soon,” she wrote. King also responded: “If I love myself and love [Ratajkowski’s] suits and love myself in the suits that’s all that matters,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle.

Inamorata swimwear is intended to be inclusive, with "generous" sizes available in XS – XL. “To me, this is what my dream is, seeing all these girls in our bathing suits,” Ratajkowski told ELLE. "I grew up in southern California, and it really was a culture of girls living in their swimsuits. Here was this real confidence, and it was non-sexual, just women doing their thing, you know?" The model-turned-designer said her muses include friends of all shapes, including Lena Dunham who posed in the swimwear in back October.

It's sad that people still feel the need to comment on someone else's body. But here's to the women who DGAF what haters have to say and the designers who are making beautiful bathing suits for them.