You Definitely Won’t Recognize Nicole Kidman On The Set of Her New Movie

nicole kidman unrecognizable

Photo: Splash News

Despite her stunning good looks, Nicole Kidman is a chameleon of an actress who has physically transformed herself for projects including The Hours, Top of the Lake, and Lion. But her latest metamorphosis has us legitimately shook. She was recently photographed on the set of her upcoming film Destroyer sporting heavy makeup, a feathered brown wig, bootcut jeans, and a leather jacket, looking a little bit like—dare we say it—her husband Keith Urban. Right? Once you see it, you kind of can't unsee it.

In the film, Kidman plays an LAPD detective named Erin Bell, who went undercover with a gang during her early years as a cop and must now “work her way back through the remaining members and into her own history with them to finally reckon with the demons that destroyed her past,” according to Deadline. So that explains Kidman's hardened exterior.

Destroyer, which is directed by Karyn Kusama of Jennifer's Body fame, will hit theatres in 2018, at which point we'll be able to analyze Kidman's strange resemblance to her hubby more fully. Until then, we still can't stop thinking about her turn in HBO's Big Little Lies, which was recently nominated for six Golden Globes.

Kidman has also been an outspoken advocate for gender equality in the film industry, telling the Sydney Morning Herald this year of Big Little Lies: “We wanted to craft something because we were frustrated because there wasn't the roles for us and our friends and for the women we know have extraordinary talent and they are not being given the chances they should be given. For them to work and to be received in that way builds a bridge for us to do more and also for other women and producers and male producers who believe in female-driven project.”