Rainbow Brows Are The Pride Month Beauty Trend We’re Obsessing Over

rainbow brows

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram

From halo to ponytail brows and even bow brows, there's clearly no shortage of eye-catching brow trends on social media–but just when you think you've seen it all, a new look begins to take over our feed.

Rainbow beauty is having a major moment, especially for Pride Month, so it only makes sense that the look has become a popular eyebrow trend. The colorful, rainbow brows are everywhere we turn on social media–and while the look may not be easy to pull off, @Nikkietutorials broke down how she created her bold brows for her 10 million followers on Instagram. The beauty maven's skills never fail to impress us and it comes as no surprise to see she started the trend when she uploaded a photo of herself sporting rainbow brows.

Nikkie explains how she used Kat Von D's brow pomades to craft the rainbow brows, opting for warm shades on her left brow and cooler shades for the right. She created her latest beauty look to pay homage to her brother, who recently lost his battle with cancer. She explains: “as most of you know my little brother lost his fight against cancer a couple of days ago, and if there’s one thing he was incredibly proud of it’s my channel. today I’m posting this colorful video in honor of him, and to cheer up those in need of some color and fun.”

We have to hand it to Nikkie–while this look may not be appropriate for a big board meeting it is fun and temporary, making it the perfect trend for celebrating Pride Month.