What Your Vague Facebook Posts Would Sound Like In Real Life Conversations (Video)


Facebook, for the most part, is a great place to stay connected with friends as you age. With popular features like photo sharing, recommendations, special groups, and even a soon-to-be dating app, it’s easier than ever to share the details of your life with others, no matter how separated you’ve become IRL. That’s why an estimated 1.5 billion people log onto the site daily. But of those active users, are the active users – the ones who post relentless and random status updates that make you cringe.

The over-sharer, the self-promoter, the passive-aggressive poster. Yes, we all have a few “friends” who fill our feeds with nonsense, and it turns out that there’s a term for them: the Vaguebooker. The practice of “vageubooking” refers to posting intentionally vague messages meant to elicit a response from followers. It’s a cry for attention — or, more specifically, comments — and it’s incredibly annoying.

A common post sounds something like this: “Wow, I guess I can never trust anybody ever again” … “My heart is shattered” … “Wondering if it is all worth it.” Sound familiar?


And while “vaguebooking” is often a virtual plea for sympathy, it can also serve as an act of humble bragging. “I’m definitely going to be celebrating tonight.” Promotion, engagement, new haircut — can you be a little more specific? Or, better yet, just stop.

So, if you need more motivation to consider a social media purge — they created the “Unfollow” button for a reason — click on the video above to hear what those vague Facebook posts would sound like in real life conversations.